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Startled by His Furry Shorts: Confessions of Georgia Nicolson #7


Startled by His Furry Shorts: Confessions of Georgia Nicolson #7

Georgia Nicolson is back for another adventure. This time she's waiting in agony after telling Masimo she wants to be his exclusive date. He tells her he can give her an answer in a week. A week! What is she supposed to do with her time until then?

Fans of Louise Rennison's series know there is plenty of hilarious mischief to be had at all times for Georgia and her friends. For example, Rosie tells the gang that she's engaged to Swen --- for a marriage many years down the road. To prepare for that event, Georgia, Rosie and their group develop a Viking version of the "Let's Go Down the Disco" dance, which does not amuse their teachers. The Viking horns are confiscated --- again.

Georgia worries that her bad luck in romance is partially caused by the ill treatment of a Jesus statue by her little sister. Libby likes to dress it up and put makeup on it, and Georgia tries unsuccessfully to rescue it.

Dave continues to send Georgia mixed signals, one minute leaning close for a lip-nibbling kiss and the next telling her she missed her chance with him. What's up with that? Georgia does feel bad when she sees him with other girls, but she's the one who wants Masimo as her boyfriend, right?

The school is preparing to put on "Macbeth" with the boys school, and Jas is the only one taking it seriously. Rehearsals are among the funniest scenes in the book, and the performance has surprises as well.

Eventually, Masimo gives her his answer; while it's not exactly what she wants to hear, it still leaves the door open for romance with him. Luckily she has her friends to cheer her up.

In the middle of her indecision about Dave and Masimo, Georgia hears from a Sex God from the past. Readers will enjoy STARTLED BY HIS FURRY SHORTS and wonder what will happen next.

Reviewed by Amy Alessio on October 18, 2011

Startled by His Furry Shorts: Confessions of Georgia Nicolson #7
by Louise Rennison

  • Publication Date: May 1, 2006
  • Genres: Fiction
  • Hardcover: 278 pages
  • Publisher: HarperTempest
  • ISBN-10: 0060853840
  • ISBN-13: 9780060853846