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Melissa Landers does not disappoint in the first book of her second space adventure series, STARFLIGHT. Unlike ALIENATED, STARFLIGHT is strictly human-focused. The world-building was done phenomenally. In no place does the reader find themselves confused as to what is going on because Landers provides just enough information. She doesn’t hit the reader right away with all the technicalities, and instead fully takes advantage of her 369 pages. The simplicity and naturality of the story’s progression was astounding.  If you are a fan of The Lunar Chronicles series, then you will definitely enjoy STARFLIGHT.

"If you won't pick up STARFLIGHT for the space adventure, then pick it up for the hilarious dialogue. Landers has some amazing one liners and...doesn’t hesitate to unleash the “wow” factor.... "

The story follows Solara Brooks, a convicted felon who wants a fresh start away from Earth. Having only recently left a group home, her only choice is to board as a servant to Doran Spaulding --- the same Doran that used to make her life difficult in school. But when Doran is framed and a reward is let out for his arrest, the two find themselves working together.  Full of witty banter and a slow-building trust, Solara and Doran embark on a mission amongst a sketchy crew that have their own secrets to hide.  

Landers provides a light atmosphere in an otherwise serious situation. In the beginning there are little things that seem to be concrete. Trust is not easily earned among the characters. Even the protagonist seems to be hiding something. Along with Doran, the reader is kept in the dark when it comes to Solara’s past. Landers carries this mood of mystery throughout the a good portion of the novel, doing a great job of setting the stage for the indefinite possibilities that exist in space. The relationships seem real, in a sense where sob stories aren’t leisurely laid out, and trust has to be earned amongst each character. As the story progresses, the crew’s relationship with Solara and Doran evolves. Readers learn that in a place where space pirates exist, blood isn’t the only thing that binds people together and home is found in a the place they least expect it.

If you won't pick up STARFLIGHT for the space adventure, then pick it up for the hilarious dialogue. Landers has some amazing one liners and there are some worthy laugh-out-loud moments. She also doesn’t hesitate to unleash the “wow” factor and leave the reader completely stunned. A boring moment doesn’t seem to exist, seeing as how Landers enjoys writing awesome action sequences. Our characters always appear to be caught up in one situation or another and watching them scheme themselves out will make the book impossible to put down.

Reviewed by Sabina Z., Teen Board Member on January 17, 2017

(Starflight #1)
by Melissa Landers