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Melissa Landers is a former teacher who now writes young adult science fiction novels. She is the author of the Alienated Trilogy and the Starflight Duology. She will also be releasing a new fantasy duology, THE HALF KING, in 2018. STARFALL, the second and final novel in the Starflight Duology, released in February 2017.

"STARFALL is perfect for new readers of sci-fi. The world is easy to pick up on and hard to stop reading about. You will not be able to put it down."

STARFALL is a sequel/companion novel to STARFLIGHT and features two different characters, Kane and Cassia, that were both side characters in STARFLIGHT. The world features space pirates, the mafia and many futuristic, terraformed planets. Kane and Cassia are best friends and clearly have romantic feelings for each other that they refuse to address. The story is about so much more than the romance, though, beginning when the characters get caught in an intergalactic political struggle and quest of sorts. Cassia is a runaway princess and is captured and returned to her home planet. Kane and Cassia get caught up in a lot of conflict along the way: trying not to get captured by bounty hunters, avoid war and stop biological warfare. All of the characters we met in STARFLIGHT aboard their ship, The Banshee, are essential characters in STARFALL.

STARFALL is exactly what I wanted from the follow-up to STARFLIGHT. It picked up almost right where we left off. This novel gives such a different perspective on Cassia and Kane, and it makes for an action-packed and such an enjoyable read. I found it much more politically-focused due to Cassia’s position of power as a princess and heir. We finally get to explore the political relations of this world. I adored Doran and Solara in book one, and I am thrilled that they so prominently featured in Cassia's and Kane’s book.

Cassia and Kane surprised me, and they have an entirely different dynamic than Solara and Doran. I noticed a definite contrast between the voice of Solara and Cassia, as well as Doran and Kane even with it written in third-person. The world is so enticing because it is futuristic and sci-fi, but Earth is still relevant, and people still live there. The plot never slowed down, and so much more happened than in STARFLIGHT. Melissa Landers knows how to write a low-maintenance sci-fi read. You are not required to know much vocabulary to understand the world, and many recaps of past plot points and the first book are given.

STARFALL is perfect for new readers of sci-fi. The world is easy to pick up on and hard to stop reading about. You will not be able to put it down. Teens will love it because it is the perfect blend of romantic tension and intergalactic conflict.

Reviewed by Grace P., Teen Board Member on February 27, 2017

(Starflight #2)
by Melissa Landers