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Megan Miranda, the YA author of critically acclaimed novels FRACTURE and HYSTERIA, has penned yet another triumphant novel in the form of her forthcoming book, SOULPRINT.

SOULPRINT tells the story of Alina Chase, a girl who has spent her life in a makeshift prison because of crimes committed in her previous life. In Alina’s futuristic universe, the identities of past criminals are tracked through a DNA system that reveals the current identity of the reincarnated soul. Once Alina is identified as the notorious June Calahan, she is forced to live her life within the confines of a nearly isolated island. That is, until the night of her 17th birthday. After a series of coded exchanges with a mysterious stranger, a group of volunteers (including the aloof and dashing Cameron, who catches the eye of our charming protagonist) helps her escape.

The true beauty of SOULPRINT lies in the moral questions that the reader is forced to consider

As her journey into the outside world progresses, Alina uncovers the truth about her past identity, June Calahan. Self-described as the “bell…tolling out its warning,” June garnered a bad reputation for breaking into the soul database and blackmailing those who wished to keep their past souls a secret. Aided by fellow adventurers Casey and Cameron (who have their own motivations for freeing Alina), Alina soon discovers the startling truth behind June’s actions, and learns that she is not the infamous villain she is made out to be.

Through Alina, we see a victim forced to suffer circumstances brought about by the actions of a past self, and though June and Alina share certain traits, Alina is her own person. The true beauty of SOULPRINT lies in the moral questions that the reader is forced to consider as Alina suffers the consequences for June’s actions.

Through SOULPRINT, Miranda weaves a story full of adventure, intrigue, mystery and romance that keep readers guessing until the very last chapter.

Reviewed by Christi Sheehan on February 17, 2015

by Megan Miranda