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Snow in Love


Snow in Love

Melissa de la Cruz is the New York Times bestselling author of books for young adults and children and adults. Some of her most popular works are THE ISLE OF THE LOST, the Blue Bloods series, ALEX AND ELIZA and SOMETHING IN BETWEEN. She has also written scripts for television movies and was a beauty and fashion editor. Aimee Friedman is the New York Times bestselling author of several young adult novels including TWO SUMMERS and SEA CHANGE (made into a Lifetime movie). Nic Stone is the acclaimed young adult author of DEAR MARTIN, a William C. Morris Award finalist, and the recently-released THE ODD ONE OUT. Kasie West has written 10 contemporary novels for teens, including THE FILL-IN BOYFRIEND, P.S. I LIKE YOU and BY YOUR SIDE.

"SNOW IN LOVE is an adorable collection that is a quick and satisfying read for the holiday season....These four authors warranted high expectations for this anthology, and they do not disappoint. "

SNOW IN LOVE is an anthology featuring short stories about the holidays and love from all four of these authors. The first short story, Kasie West’s “Snow and Mistletoe,” follows Amalie whose flight home is canceled on December 22, and she is stranded at the airport. When she runs into a guy from her grade, Sawyer, she decides to embark on a road trip home with him and his friends and sister. “Working in a Winter Wonderland” is Aimee Friedman’s short story in which Maxine takes a job at a department store in New York City to be closer to Heath, a guy that she likes in her grade. Little does she know, the job position is for her to dress as Santa’s elf and assist customers in the store. In Melissa de la Cruz’s "The Magi's Gift," Kelsey searches for the perfect Christmas present for her boyfriend Brendan and learns about the true nature of her friends along the way. “Grounded” by Nic Stone follows a scavenger hunt through the airport after two old friends’ flights are grounded in the snowy weather. Leigh discovers things about herself while texting with her current best friend and old best friend.

“Snow and Mistletoe” is an adorable road trip trek full of playful banter, hilarious dares and cute moments. Amalie was returning from a semester abroad and an aspiring opera singer, which definitely made her stand out as a YA main character. Sawyer was the perfect love interest, and all his friends only made me more entertained. One of my favorite characters was Sawyer’s sister, and I loved the Christmas deadline for their road trip and the impending holiday. Even in a brief story, West was able to make me feel like I read an entire book about these characters, and I ended feeling very happy and hopeful for the rest of the anthologies. Amalie and Sawyer’s story is endearing, funny and the most "feel-good" of the four.

“Working in a Winter Wonderland” follows a Jewish girl in the midst of the massive Christmas frenzy in New York City. The entire premise behind Maxine's job at the department store and the friends she meets intrigued me from the start. While the story just does not have the time to go very deep into the lives of these characters, Friedman’s story was surely the funniest and most entertaining of the bunch. Maxine was always an animated main character, and I enjoyed getting to know her and the other department store characters. I ended this story feeling happy, as well, and I definitely wanted to read more about the couple.

“The Magi’s Gift” was somewhat different from the other three stories because it starred a couple that is already together. Kelsey and Brenden are an adorable, if contradicting, couple, whose major hurdle is finding each other Christmas presents. While a big part of the story was the social scene at their school, the plot was mostly focused on the happy couple. Their relationship was a fact and not a goal. I found that to be refreshing, and I enjoyed reading about how their history and how much they cared about each other.

“Grounded” by Nic Stone features a creative, text-message-centered scavenger hunt and poetic clues. A lot of issues are dealt with in “Grounded,” and I was pleasantly surprised by how well they were all done in such a short story. Tackling race, sexuality and much more, Nic Stone’s story was the perfect conclusion to SNOW IN LOVE. Stories that are majority text conversations are usually hit or miss for me, but Nic Stone did a fantastic job and even incorporated exceptional poetry. Out of all four short stories, “Grounded” was the most impactful for me, but that is always to be expected from Nic Stone

SNOW IN LOVE is an adorable collection that is a quick and satisfying read for the holiday season. Each story is short enough to be read in one sitting and will leave you feeling happy and fulfilled. These four authors warranted high expectations for this anthology, and they do not disappoint. Readers who enjoyed John Green, Lauren Myracle and Maureen Johnson’s LET IT SNOW will adore SNOW IN LOVE. I highly recommend it as a perfect read for the cold season.

Reviewed by Grace P., Teen Board Member on November 13, 2018

Snow in Love
by Melissa de la Cruz, Aimee Friedman, Nic Stone, and Kasie West