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She's So Boss


She's So Boss

Stacy Kravetz is the author of SHE’S SO BOSS: The Girl Entrepreneur’s Guide to Imagining, Creating, and Kicking Ass, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. She has written many more books including WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD: You’ve Got An Education, Now Get A Life, THE DATING RACE: An Undercover Report from the Frontlines of Modern Romance, GIRL BOSS: Running the Show Like the Big Chicks, and many more books. However, Kravetz does not only stick to book writing; she also works as a television writer and a journalist!

"SHE’S SO BOSS is your handy dandy how-to book for encouragement to follow your dreams and the information you need to get started."

“Historically, some people have used ‘girl’ as an insult or as a way of conveying a juvenile, less than capable image, because they think women can’t do everything just as well as men can. But we know they’re wrong, and we know that being a girl is just something to be proud of. As women, we’ve had to fight for our rights and for respect, and that fight just adds to our strength.” This quote represents some of Stacy Kravetz’s opening words in the introduction of SHE’S SO BOSS, and it sets the entire theme. SHE’S SO BOSS is a how-to book on business and entrepreneurship, written by women, for women. The book gives examples of impressive women and their businesses such as Deepika Bodapati --- who created Athelas with her friend Tanay Tandon --- while simultaneously building up each girl’s own self-esteem, so she can see what is possible for her future and her business.

While this book is meant to empower and encourage women, it also works as a how-to book. SHE’S SO BOSS explains what to do and what not to do in the business world through prose, lists and graphs. In clear, simple words, Stacy Kravetz --- along with other powerful entrepreneurs --- gives away the secrets of how to succeed (and fail) in business without breaking a sweat.

I really liked SHE’S SO BOSS. Economics and business have always confused and bored me, but I actually liked reading SHE’S SO BOSS and felt like I had a good understanding of what the author conveyed to me. The easy-to-understand explanation of entrepreneurship and everything that comes with it rivals those “X for Dummies” books in its comprehensive explanations. What originally drew me to this book was the promise of feminism and empowerment and I was not let down. The book has everything from empowering quotes from Kravetz to famous empowering quotes by people like Beyoncé to powerful women speaking throughout the book overall.

SHE’S SO BOSS: The Girl Entrepreneur’s Guide to Imagining, Creating and Kicking Ass by Stacy Kravetz is for girls and women who have big dreams and are ready to achieve those dreams. SHE’S SO BOSS is your handy dandy how-to book for encouragement to follow your dreams and the information you need to get started. It is short enough to be read in one day, but it might be wise to mark what you want to read about in the table of contents and read those specific parts. But the final thing this book will give you is the feeling of “I am a business goddess, hear me roar!”

Reviewed by Rebecca D., Teen Board Member on June 14, 2017

She's So Boss
by Stacy Kravetz

  • Publication Date: May 30, 2017
  • Genres: Biography, Business, Nonfiction
  • Paperback: 160 pages
  • Publisher: Quercus
  • ISBN-10: 168144416X
  • ISBN-13: 9781681444161