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Shadow Scale


Shadow Scale

The kingdom of Goredd is in trouble. It is on the brink of a war between the dragons --- who are fighting for human destruction --- and the humans, who must defend themselves. In an attempt to unite the kingdom, Seraphina is sent on a journey to find the rest of the half-dragon half-humans, or ityasaaris. As she travels in search of these half-breeds, she encounters an old friend --- or rather, old enemy --- named Jannoula. Jannoula has the mysterious and rather terrifying power of being able to invade other people’s minds. Seraphina must struggle to overcome this great obstacle, or else she will watch as her whole world crumbles into ruins. 

Finally, the long awaited sequel and conclusion to SERAPHINA is out. SHADOW SCALE by Rachel Hartman is such a brilliantly crafted novel filled with dragons, kingdoms, mystical superpowers and just a touch of romance. It has virtually everything I would want in a fantasy novel, and more. 

The sheer detail weaved into each page really put me into the setting and left me speechless.

One of the highlights of this book is definitely the world-building. The sheer detail weaved into each page really put me into the setting and left me speechless. Every place Seraphina visits has its own set of history, religion and politics, which really gives the reader a vivid idea of the different kingdoms. The language used in this novel seemed to be so complex and carefully chosen, making this one of the better YA books I have read.

The characters also have a surprising amount of depth to them. I loved meeting each of the different half-breeds and seeing what kinds of powers they had. Also, as the storyline progresses, Seraphina learns so much more about herself and the kingdom, and she begins to mature as a result.

One of the downsides of the book (and probably the only downside) was its slow beginning; I had a bit of a hard time getting into the book. However, the plot quickly picked up its pace with the introduction of the main villain. From then on, I really could not put the book down. 

SHADOW SCALE is a remarkable book that I would recommend to anyone looking for a great fantasy novel.

Reviewed by Lynn W, Teen Board member on March 11, 2015

Shadow Scale
by Rachel Hartman