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World War II Adventures


World War II Adventures

World War II Adventures

Books in this series

by Michael P. Spradlin - Adventure, Children's 9-13, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Holocaust, Military

In 1942 12-year-old Anton, his family, and their small community of Ukrainian Jews are hiding from the advancing Nazis troops, and from the Gestapo, in a web of underground caves, and one officer in particular, Major Karl Von Duesen, is determined to catch or kill every Jew he can find --- but as the tide of war turns, a final confrontation between Anton and his enemy is looming.

by Michael P. Spradlin - Fiction, Military

When he lies about his age to join the Marines, Henry never imagines he'll face anything worse than his own father's cruelty. But his unit is shipped off to the Philippines, where the heat is unbearable, the conditions are brutal, and Henry's dreams of careless adventuring are completely dashed. Then the Japanese invade the islands, and US forces there surrender. As a prisoner of war, Henry faces one horror after another. Yet among his fellow captives, he finds kindness, respect, even brotherhood. And he'll need to hold tight to the hope they offer if he wants to win the fight for his country, his freedom...and his life.