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The Devil's Inten


The Devil's Inten

The Devil's Inten

Books in this series

by Donna Hosie - Fantasy, Fiction, Paranormal

Team DEVIL is back this time, led by the indomitable Viking prince Alfarin to wrest a banshee from her hiding place in the Nine Circles of Hell. Ever since The Devil's wife left him to go find herself, the overlord of Hell has had a hard time replacing her. As his dreamcatcher, she protected all realms of the afterlife by filtering his most insidious imaginings.

by Donna Hosie - Supernatural, Young Adult 12+

Seventeen-year-old Mitchell Johnson swipes a time-travel device so he can escape his internship in Hell’s accounting office, but his plans to return to Earth and alter his own death take an unexpected turn when his three closest friends insist on accompanying him back to the land of the living.