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Take Back the Skies


Take Back the Skies

Take Back the Skies

Books in this series

by Lucy Saxon - Adventure, Fiction, Romance

Desperate to escape an arranged marriage and the life her high-ranking government official father planned for her, Cat Hunter does the unthinkable. She runs away from her homeland Tellus, disguises herself as a boy, and stows away on an air ship. What she isn’t quite ready for is meeting Fox, a crew member aboard the Stormdancer --- which turns out to be a smugglers’ ship. So begins an epic adventure that spans both land and sea.

by Lucy Saxon - Adventure, Fiction, Science Fiction, Young Adult 13+

Aleks Vasin doesn't want any part of the boring village life mapped out for him --- he wants excitement and the chance to travel. So Aleks heads South to the great city of Rensav and enlists in the army, but after a brutal few days, he realizes that he's signed himself away to a life far worse than the one he just left. Aleks escapes, hoping to find safety somewhere in the North. On the way, he finds love, adventure and a skyship full of technological discoveries beyond his wildest dreams. He might just prove himself a hero too --- but only if he can evade the vengeful soldiers on his trail who want him back.