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It has been months since Daryn, Gideon, and the rest of the horsemen faced down the demons that threatened the world. While they may have won the battle, no one escaped unscathed. Gideon lost a hand, Daryn lost the Sight that allows her to see the future, and Sebastian was trapped in a different dimension with one of the demons they fought. Daryn feels the weight of all her mistakes heavily. Residing in Wyoming, she’s avoided any contact with the Riders since that day. There is only one way she can fix her mistakes: find Sebastian and bring him back. But that is easier said than done.

"SEEKER is an action-packed novel that further delves into the characters readers loved so much in the previous novel, RIDERS."

Gideon wants to find Daryn more than anything. In the past months, he has not heard a single word from her…until she shows up at Marcus’s graduation then flees before saying a word to him. When the horsemen get a tip she is in Wyoming, Gideon finally gets his wish. Together, Daryn and the horsemen try to retrieve Sebastian from the dimension he is trapped in. But the world they step into is more dangerous and damaging than any of them could have imagined. The goal was to save Sebastian, but in retrieving their lost friend they may doom themselves.

Veronica Rossi really takes the time to fully develop the characters in SEEKER. In the first novel of the duology, RIDERS, there is so much action that the reader does not get to know the characters very well. This time around, readers get to learn more about the backstories of the characters. In particular, Veronica Rossi focuses on Daryn and Gideon. Daryn, an already admirable character, shows her more vulnerable side in SEEKER. She struggles to overcome the events of the last novel, and blames herself for everything that happened. Gideon has also changed since the previous novel. He is more mature now, and has his own difficulties to confront. However, Gideon still has his humorous personality that offers a welcome reprieve from the seriousness of their situation. Veronica Rossi does an excellent job with his perspective in SEEKER.

The overall plot of the novel is filled with the same exciting action from the first novel. The dimension the Riders and Daryn must enter is skillfully crafted and poses a multitude of problems for the characters. The outcome of the novel is unsure until the very end. Overall, SEEKER is an action-packed novel that further delves into the characters readers loved so much in the previous novel, RIDERS.

Reviewed by Kate F., Teen Board Member on May 25, 2017

(Riders #2)
by Veronica Rossi