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Secrets of My Hollywood Life #5: Broadway Lights


Secrets of My Hollywood Life #5: Broadway Lights

Seventeen-year-old teen star and pop icon Kaitlin Burke’s career takes an abrupt turn when she heads East from her Los Angeles home to spend the summer on the stage in New York City. On her big trip to the Big Apple, Kaitlin is accompanied by her parents, brother, friends and staff. Reluctantly, she leaves behind Austin, her gorgeous and thoughtful boyfriend whose summer plans include attending a lacrosse camp in Texas.

The drama begins even before Kaitlin hops on a plane for her Broadway debut in the live theater production of Meeting of the Minds. Attention-craving reality show wannabes Lauren and Ava (dubbed LAVA by the media) try to hog the limelight during a movie premiere party. After LAVA show up at the party uninvited and are unceremoniously asked to leave, they set out for revenge. The scheming pair are determined to publicly humiliate Kaitlin and her former “Family Affair” co-star (and one-time nemesis) Sky Mackenzie. But SKAT (Sky and Kaitlin) have a few plays of their own. While in New York, they turn the tables on LAVA after they are invited to co-host “Saturday Night Live”!

For Kaitlin, co-hosting the popular television show is a chance of a lifetime and a shining moment of her summer, but not all goes well during her stay in New York. Disrupting Kaitlin’s plans are clashes and cat fights between her best friend Liz and Sky. And Dylan, Kaitlin’s dreamy British co-star, evokes feelings that make Kaitlin question her long-distance relationship with Austin. Also contributing to the stress are Kaitlin’s overbearing and controlling mother, who wants to plan every aspect of Kaitlin’s life, and Riley, a “real” theatric actress and Broadway diva who criticizes and belittles Kaitlin’s every move on stage.

Despite all the chaos and confusion, Kaitlin savors the sights, the sounds, the smells --- and the snacks --- of New York. Yet she still misses Austin, who seems to have some drama of his own going on in the Lone Star State. Will Kaitlin’s love for Austin survive the months they spend apart, or will hers be another story of broken dreams and sad endings?

BROADWAY LIGHTS is the fifth book in the stylish and breezy Secrets of My Hollywood Life series. Author Jen Calonita’s high-energy novel is written with sass and verve and is peppered with characters who shine. As a former celebrity interviewer and senior editor at Teen People and journalist for TV Guide, Glamour and Marie Claire, Calonita gives an insider’s glimpse into the life of a teen starlet, complete with glamour, celebrity, haute couture, insecurity and drama --- lots of drama. But beyond the novel’s glitz and glitter and shining lights is a story of friendship, love, loyalty, change and determination. BROADWAY LIGHTS is smart, sassy and lots of fun.


Reviewed by Donna Volkenannt on October 18, 2011

Secrets of My Hollywood Life #5: Broadway Lights
by Jen Calonita

  • Publication Date: March 3, 2010
  • Genres: Fiction
  • Hardcover: 384 pages
  • Publisher: Poppy
  • ISBN-10: 0316030651
  • ISBN-13: 9780316030656