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Second Star (A Neverland Transmissions Novel Book 1) (Neverland Chronicles)


Second Star (A Neverland Transmissions Novel Book 1) (Neverland Chronicles)

Have any of you heard about the boy who never grew up --- LITERALLY never grew up? Yeah, we all know about Peter Pan and Tinkerbell and Wendy and Captain Hook, but have you ever heard of PETER PAN set in SPACE? For those of you few readers holding your hand up high, I’m going to give you a ton of brownie points. So let’s get started.

SECOND STAR is the first book of the Neverland Transmissions series by J.M. Sullivan and it alternates in point of view between Peter Pan and Wendy Darling. Wendy Darling has been in the Londonierre Brigade since she was a child and has always worked hard to someday be a captain of her own spaceship and go on a lot of cool adventures for Queen and Country. In 2393, she finally gets promoted to be a captain and her first mission is to go on a rescue mission for the famous captain James Tiberius Hooke who went missing with his crew 100 years ago in the uncharted sector. She is excited to finally meet her role model and celebrity crush.

"SECOND STAR is a nice twist on the original since it is set in the future where traveling through space is a thing....I think this series is pretty promising."

Meanwhile, we meet Peter Pan, a fleet mechanic on Captain Hooke’s ship, the Jolly Roger, who was adopted by the captain. He and his nanobot with an attitude, Tinc, realize that the “sneaky shnook” is up to something so they sabotage the ship and it gets stranded on Neverland, where time seems to be going much slower than it does on Earth. Pan, Tinc and some of the other Lost Boys escape from the ship and hide out on Neverland which is filled with many threats: the man-eating mermaids, the native Starjin, the evil shadow and Hooke’s men. Wendy’s ship conveniently crash-lands on Neverland and she meets Peter and an --- immediate --- attraction begins between them. She also meets Hooke, who is not the perfect hero she thought he was, and Pan and Wendy have to work together to stop the shadow from taking over the universe.

The story in SECOND STAR wasn’t bad but it could have been better. The way the story was summarized made me think that there was going to be some type of love triangle where Wendy has to choose between Hooke or Pan but since Hooke is the villain it wouldn’t work. It would have been better if Hooke wasn’t such a static character like Don John from “Much Ado About Nothing” but rather a dynamic character like Darth Vader from Star Wars who develops and is shown to have been a normal person shown to become a villain. Hooke is basically a Voldemort-wannabe. Hopefully, his character will develop better in the next books, or not; it would just be nice to have him justify why he wants to be so evil.

Also, the romance between Wendy and Peter Pan is really, really --- extremely --- rushed and feels forced, considering they meet in the very MIDDLE of the novel. They have only known each other for a day and next thing you know are fighting evil together and professing their love to one another. It is obvious they are somewhat attracted to one another as shown by their constant flirtatious banter from the first moment they set eyes on each other but to develop feelings for each other and to fall in love for one day is pretty forced since they don’t know anything about each other or their insecurities. Since this is the first book in the series, I am thinking that the author is saving the heart to heart for later on in the series.

Still, I do like PETER PAN and SECOND STAR is a nice twist on the original since it is set in the future where traveling through space is a thing. Since it is the first book in the series, you can’t expect much development in the first novel but I think this series is pretty promising. It has a good balance of alternating between both main characters’ points of view so that you can know what is happening in both Neverland and on Earth when Peter and Wendy are separated. Compared to the original PETER PAN, this version is set in both Neverland and New London so it shows what life is like for Wendy when she is not in Neverland. I can’t wait to see what conflicts await for Peter and Wendy in the next novel and hope it will develop more. I recommend this book to anyone who really loves space dramas, PETER PAN, or romance. If you want some faith, trust AND pixie dust, then read this book.

Reviewed by Anna C., Teen Board Member on March 20, 2019

Second Star (A Neverland Transmissions Novel Book 1) (Neverland Chronicles)
by J. M. Sullivan