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Sea Witch


Sea Witch

On a distant island in Scandinavia, ruled by the sea who blesses its people with food and punishes them with death, lived three best friends: Evelyn, a witch who secretly saves the island with her magic but must forever conceal who she truly is or be persecuted; Niklas, the future King; and Anna. Together they grew up happily lapping in the sea’s waves until one fateful day --- the day Anna died.

Now, years later, Nik and Evie have just begun recovering and getting their lives back on track. Evie has almost everything she could possibly want. Her father is prospering as the King’s official fisherman, and her longtime crush, Iver, Nik’s cousin, is finally paying attention to her.

"SEA WITCH is the perfect blend of fairy tale and young adult literature. Henning’s prose is beautiful and vivid..."

But all that is about to change. Another witch with a striking resemblance to Anna and a troubled past has suddenly appeared on the island. She ask Evie to help conceal her true identity: a mermaid who has only a few days to find her one true love or she will die. Who is this strange girl and will Evie be able to save her?

SEA WITCH is the perfect blend of fairy tale and young adult literature. Henning’s prose is beautiful and vivid, just as fairy tales should be. At the same time, Henning effectively captures Evie’s character and delivers a captivating story about a teenage girl. At first, I found it confusing when the story kept switching back and forth between past and present. Afterwards, I found it highlighted the separate fairy tale and YA aspects and turned an already good plot into an even better one by maintaining suspense and surprise throughout the entire story. It also enabled Henning to convey what Evie was feeling in the moment as well as other characters’ motivations, which made the characters and the story much more multidimensional. Evie seemed childish for her age but it made the plot twists all the more shocking and exciting because we see things from her naive point of view.

While it took a little time to gain momentum, the rest of the story and especially the ending made up for it. The plot had almost everything a reader could want: death, love, attacks, competitions, courting, betrayal as well as several relevant messages including tolerance.

Overall, SEA WITCH was a very refreshing book because of its originality. I would definitely recommend it to all fairy tale and magic lovers. You will not be disappointed.

Reviewed by Alice D., Teen Board Member on August 14, 2018

Sea Witch
by Sarah Henning