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Saving Montgomery Sole


Saving Montgomery Sole

SAVING MONTGOMERY SOLE by Mariko Tamaki is a unique and vibrant read that is easily devoured in one sitting. Monty is considered weird in her small town of Aunty, California. For one thing, she has two moms. For another, she spends most of her time with a club of her own making --- The Mystery Club --- dedicated to seeking out and discovering the validity of the universe’s questions. She’s got her sights set on what promises to be her most interesting mystery yet, a stone called the Eye of Know that claims to allow the wielder control over any situation. The Eye, however, seems to have more damaging plans. When things start to go wrong and a preacher bent on “saving the American family” comes to Aunty, Monty discovers that the mysteries in her life are more pressing than those she seeks out.
The one word I would use to describe this book is “quirky.” Monty is an entirely unique voice that I wasn’t expecting when I started the book. Her wording is a little awkward at times, but I thought it added to her individuality. As the book progresses, we see Monty in some very dark places, and I thought that the reasoning and thought process behind her feelings was interesting and well-developed. I fell in love with Monty as a character, much more than I did with any other element of the book.
"SAVING MONTGOMERY SOLE by Mariko Tamaki is a unique and vibrant read that is easily devoured in one sitting."
Reading this book, all I could think was that I wanted more. At 240 pages, this book took too long building up to importance and not long enough dwelling on what I felt was the crux of the novel. It was meant to be a moving coming-of-age story, and I didn’t really get as involved in that aspect as I would have liked.
Warning: This is not a fantasy novel. Do not go into it expecting fantasy. The summary makes it seem similar to THE RAVEN BOYS or WINK, POPPY, MIDNIGHT, when in actuality, I would recommend it more to fans of ELEANOR AND PARK and I’LL GIVE YOU THE SUN. It’s still a fun, different read, but the outside comments are very misleading. If you’re a fan of Mariko Tamaki’s other books or poignant coming-of-age stories, SAVING MONTGOMERY SOLE is a perfect read for you.

Reviewed by Maggie D., Teen Board Member on April 26, 2016

Saving Montgomery Sole
by Mariko Tamaki