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Thomas Sniegoski is the author of over 20 books for multiple age groups. His YA series, Fallen, was adapted into three television movies by ABC Family starring Paul Wesley as the lead role. He has also written through multiple different mediums including comic books.
SAVAGE is a novel about a girl named Sidney, her dog, Snowy, and her friends, Cody and Rich, who all live on an island called Benediction just off the coast of the mainland United States. Sidney thinks she has everything figured out, though, little does she know, bizarre storms have been ravaging small islands just like their island they call home. Soon, Benediction is the victim of a terrifying storm that turns all of the animals on the island against the human inhabitants. Pets are no longer friends, bugs no longer stay outside and no person --- nor creature --- can be trusted.

"SAVAGE will definitely keep you enthralled and engaged --- you won’t be able to stop thinking about it long after it ends."

I really enjoyed this novel, and it is definitely one the most unconventional texts I have read in quite a while. The entire concept was pretty far-fetched, but Sniegoski’s writing made the entire story  scarily believable. Two words to describe SAVAGE would be bizarre and weird. The intense level of mystery in this book is what made me want to keep reading. Everything and everyone was on the line, and there were so many points of view that allowed me to see the big picture, but still not really know anything. I was creeped out while reading this book at night, and it was a lot more violent than I anticipated. The story also only spanned over one day or so and moved incredibly quickly with few to no calm moments.
While I do think the author did an excellent job at writing a unique novel, the execution of the story is what really hit the mark for me. The only part of the novel I was disappointed in was the ending because it seemed too far-fetched for me to possibly find it plausible.

I would recommend this to YA readers who like creepy reads. These normal teenagers are suddenly thrown into some crazy situations that will pull you right into the drama. SAVAGE will definitely keep you enthralled and engaged --- you won’t be able to stop thinking about it long after it ends.

Reviewed by Grace P., Teen Board Member on June 3, 2016

(Savage #1)
by Thomas E. Sniegoski