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Raisin Rodriguez and the Big-Time Smooch


Raisin Rodriguez and the Big-Time Smooch

Raisin Rodriguez is back and quirkier than ever. In this sequel to THE SECRET BLOG OF RAISIN RODRIGUEZ, our 12-year old heroine returns to continue her tales of seventh grade woes in this unique blog-style novel.

Raisin learned her lesson when her private blog,, was exposed to her new school. Now she takes the precaution of changing her blog address every few weeks as "a necessary step toward ensuring secrecy and throwing off potential interlopers."

Raisin's online diary is mainly to keep her two best friends, Pia and Claudia, up-to-date about her life. Raisin's mom recently remarried and relocated the family from sunny, laid-back Berkley, California, to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. So not only does Raisin have to deal with the trials and tribulations of being in seventh grade, she's also the new kid.

In RAISIN RODRIGUEZ AND THE BIG-TIME SMOOCH, Raisin continues to build her friendship with the alt kids Lynn and Fippy as well as the nerdy and brother-like Jeremy Craine. Plus, Raisin writes for an e-zine with the group and has developed a crush on one very cute comic strip artist, CJ Mullen. And that's where the obsession with kissing comes in.

Unlike most of her friends Raisin has never been kissed, thus begins the obsession. She really, really, really likes CJ, and has decided that he should be the first boy she wants to kiss. Over the course of the book, Raisin has ups and downs as she tries to get that first kiss. Her blog entries recount the hilarious details.

RAISIN RODRIGUEZ AND THE BIG-TIME SMOOCH is a light, funny read. Author Judy Goldschmidt has a knack for voice that comes through as the humorous quirky Raisin Rodriguez. The blog-style novel is also an interesting method to capture the way kids communicate today. Parents and librarians should note, however, that some of the topics and language used in this book might be a bit more for teens than middle-grade readers.

Reviewed by Kristi Olson on October 18, 2011

Raisin Rodriguez and the Big-Time Smooch
by Judy Goldschmidt

  • Publication Date: December 29, 2005
  • Genres: Fiction
  • Hardcover: 192 pages
  • Publisher: Razorbill
  • ISBN-10: 1595140573
  • ISBN-13: