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Queens of Fennbirn (Three Dark Crowns)


Queens of Fennbirn (Three Dark Crowns)

QUEENS OF FENNBIRN is the newest release from Kendare Blake and serves as a prequel to THREE DARK CROWNS and ONE DARK THRONE. The novel includes two novellas entitled THE YOUNG QUEENS and THE ORACLE QUEEN. Each shows the reader a different side of the world and characters that are depicted in THREE DARK CROWNS as well as some brand new characters.

As a big fan of the Three Dark Crowns series, I was super excited to receive this book and delve into even more content set within the same world. I love all of the characters and the plot continues to blow me away every time I read an addition to the series. QUEENS OF FENNBIRN takes the reader back in time and shares stories from the time on the island before the queens were pitted against each other to fight for the crown. It was super interesting to have this “behind the scenes experience” as the novel provides a lot of insight into what made the queens who they are and how the island came to function the way it does. I definitely think this information will be helpful to know as the series progresses.

"I would highly recommend QUEENS OF FENNBIRN to any and all fans of the Three Dark Crowns series."

I also found myself falling in love with Kendare Blake’s writing style even more throughout this book. In THE YOUNG QUEENS novella, she was charged with the task of portraying the thoughts and dialogue of six-year-olds. She was able to do this effectively and in a way that breaks the reader’s heart as he or she is aware of what the future holds for the three queens. The characterization of the queens at this young age was also interesting as it matched the existing information about them well. I was able to see how each girl grew up and how their childhood dreams and thoughts manifested into their motivations in THREE DARK CROWNS. This is an incredible thing to pull off and really shows Blake’s dedication to making her characters feel real in the midst of such a fantastical world.

Speaking of realistic characterization, the cast of characters throughout the book truly make QUEENS OF FENNBIRN and the entire series such amazing novels. Both new and old characters introduced in the novellas are developed interestingly and completely. Even in the middle of an obviously fictional world, I never question if these people or their motivations are real or not. That is my favorite part of this series and I have honestly become so attached with each and every character. I cannot wait to see what comes next for all of them and these two novellas made me even more excited for that than I was before.

I would highly recommend QUEENS OF FENNBIRN to any and all fans of the Three Dark Crowns series. It will bring some clarity to information that has been presented previously as well as add new information to the already deeply developed characters and world. Also I would obviously recommend the entire series to anyone who has not picked it up yet. It’s one of my all-time favorite fantasy series and definitely one you should not miss out on!

Reviewed by Danielle F., Teen Board Member on April 9, 2018

Queens of Fennbirn (Three Dark Crowns)
by Kendare Blake