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Project Pandora


Project Pandora

PROJECT PANDORA by Aden Polydoros, the first novel in the Assassin Fall series, showcases the lives of four teenagers. Tyler Bennett, Shannon Evans and Elizabeth Hawthorne all seem to live normal lives. When pieces of their past disappear from memory and other deeper, darker memories arise, however, the three teenagers realize that they are part of something bigger: Project Pandora, a program hell-bent on transforming teenagers into the world’s most dangerous assassins through brainwashing. The three teenagers begin to discover the truth behind the system, asking risky questions that may lead to death.

What happens to those who turn rogue and defy the system? Trust is on the line for the young adults, especially when they meet Hades, a teenager who is loyal to the cause of Project Pandora. In a race against time, Tyler, Shannon and Elizabeth must discover their true selves and take down the horrific Project before they are reactivated into the killing machines they were created to be.

"PROJECT PANDORA is full of action, intensity, captivating characters and mysteries....This electric thriller definitely drew me in with its combat sequences and darker underlying backstories."

The story is told from the point of view of the four teenagers. However, I found it sometimes confusing to differentiate the characters because each has their own Greek code name (Tyler is Apollo, Shannon is Artemis, Elizabeth is Persephone). Additionally, I would have liked to see a larger difference in character traits for Shannon and Elizabeth. Although their backstories are unique, more contrasting qualities would have been interesting to read. It is hard to understand at first, but as you continue reading, the story becomes more and more clear, as well as interesting.

PROJECT PANDORA is full of action, intensity, captivating characters and mysteries. Hades was a character who plays with the emotions of the reader as cunning, intense, untrustworthy teenager whose ulterior motives are truly masked by his dark personality. His tragic backstory is heartbreaking, and his life is more complicated and interesting than the rest. He felt very real and very damaged, but was by far my favorite character in the novel.

This electric thriller definitely drew me in with its combat sequences and darker underlying backstories. The reader accompanies each character as they discover the truth about Project Pandora. The lines of black and white characters are mixed together --- each seeking redemption for their unforgivable deeds as an agent of the project.

This dystopian future doesn’t seem too far away, with its gritty reality, grimness and lack of hope. The author brings this world to life by making a universe closely mirrored to ours. The violence was extreme but it highlighted the dangerous nature of the teenage assassins.

I love the creative idea that Polydoros created and I cannot wait until he expands on this sci-fi novel. PROJECT PANDORA has a riveting plot, interesting concept, and a dark mystery that slowly unravels with every page.

Reviewed by Jeremy H., Teen Board Member on August 14, 2017

Project Pandora
(Assassin Fall #1)
by Aden Polydoros