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Perfect Lies (Mind Games)


Perfect Lies (Mind Games)

In MIND GAMES by Kiersten White, sisters Annie and Fia attend a school for girls with special powers. After their parents die in a tragic accident, they go off to live with their aunt who clearly doesn’t have the time or the patience for Fia, who’s a total troublemaker, and for Annie, who’s blind and needs extra attention. When a representative from the Keane Institute offers Annie the chance to live and learn at their school, she jumps at the chance to start a new life there. From the start Fia realizes that the Keane Institute is no ordinary school --- but she goes with Annie in order to make her sister happy.

Although Annie has the ability to see the future through her visions, it’s Fia that has always been more of an asset to the Keane Foundation since her instincts are nearly perfect. The Keane Institute has never heard of another girl with the type of supernatural ability that Fia has --- and they definitely exploit her talent. Since the Foundation made sure she went through tons of training to become an experienced fighter, Fia’s skills have turned deadly. She’s been forced for years to do whatever the Keane Institute pleases in order to make sure that they don’t harm Annie, who is trapped at the school.

In PERFECT LIES, the sequel to MIND GAMES, Annie and Fia are back --- but now it seems like it is Annie that will have to get Fia out of the evil clutches of the Keane Foundation! These two incredibly loyal sisters were separated at the end of MIND GAMES, when Fia faked Annie’s death to ensure that the Keane Institute wouldn’t force Fia into any more of their schemes by threatening Annie’s life. Since they are now unable to contact each other, both girls have to work to figure out who is an ally and who is an enemy as they try to take down the Keane Foundation so that the school can’t abuse any more students’ supernatural abilities.


If you’re a fan of sisters who are best friends, strong female characters and supernatural abilities, you should really head to the nearest bookstore to pick up this fantastic duology!

Just like the first book in this duology, PERFECT LIES is told from the point of view of both Annie and Fia through interchanging chapters. I think that White made the right decision to have both books be narrated by both sisters. Fia is a completely reckless and messed up individual because the Keane Foundation has forced her to commit many atrocious crimes. Annie’s chapters of both books are more focused and levelheaded, since she’s not on the verge of a mental breakdown. The combination is very refreshing.
Each chapter in this book is leading up to a seriously crucial event that Annie keeps seeing in her visions, yet PERFECT LIES is very nonlinear. The beginning of each chapter states which sister is telling her side of their story and how many hours or days before the disastrous event Annie predicts will happen.

I could not stop reading this book --- I just had to know exactly what event it was leading up to! My favorite aspect of PERFECT LIES was learning more about Annie, who I thought didn’t really break out of her shell until she was freed from the Keane Institute. Even though White gave Annie a disability, she’s still a really strong character and strives to not be seen as a helpless little girl.

But I was disappointed to see just how trusting Fia was of her boyfriend, James Keane, whose father runs the Keane Foundation. I know that Fia really believes that James knows how to take down his father, but it’s obvious that James has a lot of issues he’s working out, just like Fia does. Therefore, he’s probably not the best guy to trust completely!

I loved all of the plot twists and action that White put into both MIND GAMES and PERFECT LIES! If you’re a fan of sisters who are best friends, strong female characters and supernatural abilities, you should really head to the nearest bookstore to pick up this fantastic duology!

Reviewed by Ashley Bressingham on March 5, 2014

Perfect Lies (Mind Games)
by Kiersten White

  • Publication Date: February 18, 2014
  • Genres: Thriller, Young Adult 13+
  • Hardcover: 240 pages
  • Publisher: HarperTeen
  • ISBN-10: 0062135848
  • ISBN-13: 9780062135841