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The first in a duology, PASSENGER is an epic fantasy and time-travel novel by Alexandra Bracken, the author of The Darkest Minds Trilogy and the stand-alone novel BRIGHTLY WOVEN.


The two main characters in PASSENGER are Etta (short for Henrietta) and Nicholas. Etta is a violin prodigy who resides in present-day New York City. Nicholas is a sailor who resides in 18th century colonial America. Etta is thrown from the world she had always known to unfamiliar places and eras, including Nicholas’ ship. Etta and Nicholas must embark on a quest through time to stay alive. With high stakes, lives on the line and heated romance, Etta and Nicholas travel to unimaginable times and places.

PASSENGER did live up to my expectations for the most part, it just took a while to get there; I felt the first half of the story dragged on. Once I got closer to the end, though, I enjoyed the characters and pacing much more. It is definitely worth it to keep reading. The ending seemed a little bit rushed, but it left me eagerly awaiting book two.


The historical aspect of PASSENGER was very interesting and kept me enthralled throughout. 


The historical aspect of PASSENGER was very interesting and kept me enthralled throughout. I wish we could have seen more places and times because the writing was so detailed and interesting. I really enjoyed all of the quirks that we learned time-traveling and the rules surrounding it. The best part of the story had to be the romance; it was phenomenally written and the characters and their relationship truly developed throughout the novel.


If you loved The Darkest Minds you will probably like PASSENGER because they both have Bracken’s recognizable style. You don’t need to like historical novels to like this book because it focuses on other things as well --- it somehow combines the perfect amount of time-travel, romance and character development. All in all, PASSENGER has a very unique plot that will keep you reading as long as you don’t give up on the slow beginning. 

Reviewed by Grace P., Teen Board member on January 15, 2016

(Passenger #1)
by Alexandra Bracken