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One Small Thing


One Small Thing

ONE SMALL THING by Erin Watt follows a girl named Beth as she and her family are still reeling from the loss of her older sister Rachel. Beth’s parents have put her on a tight leash with strict orders for her to follow a future that is basically already planned for her --- a future that she can’t imagine living. She’s sick and tired of all the harsh rules, so one night she goes to a party and meets a mysterious yet charming stranger, Chase. After that night Beth can’t stop thinking about him and after running into him at school, secrets are revealed --- ones that include Chase and the night her sister was killed. However, Beth is willing to give Chase a second chance and what blossoms is a forbidden romance neither expected to happen but aren’t willing to give up despite everyone being against them together.

"I honestly wouldn’t change a thing about this book because it was fast-paced, full of surprising twists and had a lovely romance that anyone would fall for."

This novel was entirely full of raw emotion that had me hooked from the beginning as a reader. The way Rachel died wasn’t revealed at the very beginning so the entire time I was reading, I kept guessing at what went down the night she died, which made me want to never put down the book out of extreme curiosity. The story definitely put your emotions on the front seat of a rollercoaster because one second you’d be swooning over Chase and Beth while the next you’d be annoyed by the actions of her parents.

Speaking of her parents, I thought that they were completely unreasonable. I know they were still grieving and were confused by Rachel’s death, but the way they treated Beth was awful. It took such a toll out of her emotions and what’s even worse is that it became physical when her mom would slap her. It was overall such a toxic environment and it definitely makes the reader sympathize for Beth since she really didn’t deserve any of that.

Onto Beth, she is totally one of my favorite characters I’ve read from in a while. Not going to lie, she has her annoying parts --- but what YA female character doesn’t? From the beginning she felt so real to me, like she was someone out there going through this. I don’t know if it was because she mentioned that she was doing a big Sarah J. Maas re-read (because, same) or if it was just the way she would react to certain situations, but I related to her nonetheless. Her relationship with Chase was super cute because, let’s be real, I’m a total sucker for forbidden romances. And even though he played a part in Rachel’s death, it wasn’t too extreme where I felt like he should be locked up in jail forever since once it was explained, you realized that it was a total accident.

I adored how much Chase cared about Beth and tried to do what was best for her. He knew that she was going through a rough time at home and did whatever he could to help make her environment not as rough. I even liked how after meeting, they completely started over and really built up a relationship that was pretty strong at the foundation. It just goes to show how healthy it was even if they still had some things that blocked them from completely giving themselves to each other.

I honestly wouldn’t change a thing about this book because it was fast-paced, full of surprising twists and had a lovely romance that anyone would fall for. There are definitely some characters that prove to be annoying and you just want to throw them out of the book, but if you focus on Beth and Chase everything else falls away. The novel also includes some really cute animals so what else is there to ask for?

Overall, I would recommend this book to fans of Katie McGarry and K.A. Tucker. Both also deal with some “darker” themes, but I’m sure any YA contemporary lover will obsess over this story as well!

Reviewed by Taylor F., Teen Board Member on June 28, 2018

One Small Thing
by Erin Watt