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Picking up directly from where the previous book left off, OBSIDO follows Kady, Ezra, Nik, Hanna and more familiar characters as they recover from barely escaping attacks from Beitech…only to be thrown into a new adventure. As they are forced to cram refugees into one ship, they realize their lack of resources only leads to one option: return to Kerenza, Kady and Ezra’s home planet. But are there any survivors or remains after the initial Beitech attack?

It turns out that there are. Not knowing what is going on in the skies above, Asha joins a resistance against Beitech with the other survivors of the initial attack. However, the lines of good and bad quickly get blurry as Rhys, an old flame, appears on the planet as a Beitech employee. With time running out, each person must fight for their lives against the corporation that caused their ruin, all while trying to figure out how to tell their story. In one epic conclusion, powerhouses Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman come together to finish an action-packed series.

"OBSIDIO barely gave me room to breathe…. It was tragic, action-packed and moving --- exactly what I imagined the concluding book in this series to be."

For anyone who has ever been to my corner of the internet, whether it be on my social media, this site, or my BookTube, one thing will immediately stick out: I really love The Illuminae Files. Ever since I got my hands on the first book in the series, ILLUMINAE, I’ve been addicted. Thus, I was sad and very nervous to see my favorite series come to a close. However, OBSIDIO lived up to the other books, making for an amazing conclusion to a strong series.

One thing I loved seeing in this book that was especially unique compared to previous books was the interactions between characters. In this book, we got to see all of the characters unite together rather than seeing their separate stories. I got to see conversations I only dreamed of happening, things like Nik and Ezra talking or Kady and Hanna forming a friendship. This series has incredibly strong characters from beginning to end and OBSIDIO truly highlighted that, showing that they are all stronger together.

Speaking of characters, one that especially stood out was AIDAN, an artificial intelligence whose every action makes the reader question if it is simply evil or justified. The AIDAN sections of OBSIDIO were without a doubt the strongest that the series has had yet. AIDAN’s narrative makes the reader question what exactly “good” or “evil” means and if evil actions need to be done for a greater success. AIDAN made me think deeply while I read, something I really enjoyed.

Kristoff and Kaufman also brought an incredible interesting theme to light in this book: teenagers can kick butt despite being underestimated frequently. It was unexpected but incredibly relatable to watch my favorite characters get underestimated despite all they have already done and proved to the adults in their life. Many young adult books highlight this in some way but especially regarding current events, I loved the way they attacked this theme directly.

As with the entire series, OBSIDIO barely gave me room to breathe. I read the entire book in one eight hour long sitting simply because I could not imagine putting the book down and I had to know how the story would work out. It was tragic, action-packed and moving --- exactly what I imagined the concluding book in this series to be. I highly recommend the entire series to anyone who needs an emotionally taxing adventure series with epic romance and science fiction twists.

Reviewed by Brynn S., Teen Board Member on March 14, 2018

by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

  • Publication Date: March 13, 2018
  • Genres: Fiction, Science Fiction, Young Adult 13+
  • Hardcover: 624 pages
  • Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers
  • ISBN-10: 055349919X
  • ISBN-13: 9780553499193