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Now You See Her


Now You See Her

Amelia Fischer has never been “in.” She’s never made a close group of friends or hosted spontaneous sleepovers. She’s never been “in” because she’s always been “out,” as in, one foot always outside the door. Amelia’s mom has a tough job in nursing homes and has to travel almost every year. Along with her devoted and loving sister, Mae, Amelia’s never gotten close to a place like home. This time, though, she feels that it might be different. Morristown is safe, secure, and happy. They have finally stayed for three years and counting, and Amelia is about to take a shot at a huge opportunity: the First Singles spot on the tennis team.

Sophie Graham has always been circled by a group of friends, two over-caring parents and the support of the town she’s lived in since birth. Considering her perfect home, beauty and connections within her community, she has always been “in.” Which is why it’s important for her to maintain her tennis game and First Singles spot against her newer teammate.

"The authors of NOW YOU SEE HER definitely pulled off the mystery-fantasy elements of a captivating and complex story....It isn’t the type of characters or story I’ll forget anytime soon."

Other than their love and skill at tennis, Amelia and Sophie have never had any similarities, or even reasons to interact with each other. This is before the night after the challenge match changes everything. When Amelia’s car breaks down and a mysterious figure moves to “help” her, things go wrong and Sophie’s car crashes into her landing both girls in the hospital. When Amelia finally wakes up, she quickly realizes something is wrong. Only vaguely familiar people are hugging her and crying, her toenails and skin tone are the wrong color and her thoughts don’t seem to connect. She realizes that she’s not Amelia. She’s the girl who beat Amelia in a tennis match and crashed into her on a state road. She’s Sophie Graham.

As Amelia (in Sophie Graham’s body) begins to piece together the puzzle of how she got where she is and how to get back to the real Amelia, more and more questions come to mind. Amelia begins to lose herself to Sophie, while grasping to discover what happened that crazy night and why some parts of her puzzle don’t fit anymore. With strength, courage and dedication, Amelia learns more about her past along with more about Sophie’s. She realizes that the walls on the outside may not show the faded memories locked on the inside. In NOW YOU SEE HER, connections begin to unravel and it leads Sophie and Amelia both reaching through faith to find each other.

As a fellow teenage reader, I would be lying if I didn’t say that I gasped multiple times or said “Oh my God, WHAT?!!!” in the reading of this book. My parents definitely became a little scared of all the times I just stopped reading and said “OH NO.” The book was captivating and energetic. It twisted me around like a pool towel. For example, it would let me dry out for a chapter or two, then soak me in new information to create a better complex mystery. Then it would flip me around with a surprising plot twist (these are the super loud gasps I’m talking about).

One of my favorite parts of the book was how connected I became to the characters; they were very real and became very personal. I could confirm this when I started to shake and cry at the end and in the epilogue. I enjoyed every plot twist and every time a new string would lead back to something I read in the very beginning. I don’t know about personal opinions on cliffhangers, but the author really created some surprises for the last few chapters --- and then the story was fully explained in the best form possible (no spoilers!). I thoroughly enjoyed this part because the author revealed different layers from details I had forgotten about buried deep within the story.

There were few points of negativity I had for NOW YOU SEE HER. One thing that confused me was that some of the memories or instances where Sophie’s “soul,” shall we say, and Amelia’s soul couldn’t be distinguished. I would have to read the section and the section before more than once to figure out whose perspective I’m thinking from. Another thing that may be seen negatively were some of the cliché parts of it, especially in the middle area. There were times where I got frustrated about how often I’ve seen similar stories with the “switching bodies” and the depression or realization of “Oh, her life isn’t as glamorous as it seems” themes. As I got closer to the end, the story went a lot deeper than those other books and the negative thoughts faded away. What I’m saying is, don’t stop reading because you think you’ve heard it before, I promise that it gets better!

The authors of NOW YOU SEE HER definitely pulled off the mystery-fantasy elements of a captivating and complex story. It could hook a reader for an all-night read or keep them busy during a long flight. It isn’t the type of characters or story I’ll forget anytime soon.

Reviewed by Lillian B., Teen Board Member on June 26, 2018

Now You See Her
by Lisa Leighton and Laura Stropki