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My Life Uploaded


My Life Uploaded

Millie Porter doesn’t like her mother’s boyfriend because of his neat-freak tendencies. She doesn’t understand why he feels the need to treat his robot vacuum like it’s a pet. She moves in with her dad, grand-dad and aunt to escape her mother’s strict rules. When a few of her Instagram posts unexpectedly blow up and gain popularity, she decides to capitalize on this momentum and start an advice vlog with her best friend Lauren. Her new social media presence brings her to the attention of Erin, super-popular, super-mean girl at school with her own large Instagram following for her perfect pics. Their rivalry grows along with Millie’s following. With the help of her best friend, a boy obsessed with elevators, a new transfer student from Canada and Dave the cat, Millie learns how to manage her life, uploaded.

"MY LIFE UPLOADED is a good reminder to teens about the social media-scape, how there’s good and there’s bad."

This book is aimed toward a younger audience than I usually read, and the style and language used reflected that, such as the use of ALL CAPS and excessive lists. I was concerned that this would affect the way I felt about the book, but, as it turns out, I actually didn’t hate it.

I wish this book had expanded with more detail about everything. I feel like there were a lot of moments that had no buildup and that the action just…happened. For example, I have no clue why Millie didn’t like her mother’s boyfriend except for the fact that he was too neat. Based on their interactions, I didn’t understand why Millie and Lauren were best friends other than the fact that I was told they were. And the big ending felt forced and like it was supposed to happen, not that it was inevitable. It was very spontaneous and left me feeling a little confused as though I missed out on a lot of the book, when actually I had read it all.

MY LIFE UPLOADED gives a lot of good life advice, some of it said explicitly and some of it up to the reader’s interpretation. Millie and her crew taught me a lot about relationships between people and managing life --- both online and off. It’s important to remember how much we don’t see and don’t know about other people. When they post online, we don’t see what’s going on in their home life or what’s going on in their head. One of the biggest messages MY LIFE UPLOADED covers though, is that the likes on your posts or how many followers you have does not define your self-worth. I think this is a good message for everyone to remember.

MY LIFE UPLOADED is a good reminder to teens about the social media-scape, how there’s good and there’s bad. It’s a good reminder to take time to get to know people instead of just assuming things. It’s a good reminder to be kind, and to take care of your friends. Looking for a lighthearted book that still has meaning? Then let me suggest MY LIFE UPLOADED.

Reviewed by Becky N., Teen Board Member on September 20, 2018

My Life Uploaded
by Rae Earl