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Moon White: Color Me Enchanted


Moon White: Color Me Enchanted

Sixteen-year-old Heather Sinclair already has had to deal with the loss of her mother, who died from breast cancer. Now, her father remarries Augustine, who transforms their "neutral" home into an eclectic, artistic, color-driven haven that Heather likes somewhat but also finds disconcerting. Thankful that her dad is happy, Heather continues to miss her mom and wishes she had her mom's input on important life questions. Still, Heather finds some comfort in her long-standing ballet group, her friends at school, and driving around her mother's old 1988 Volvo.

Heather's search for continuity and clarity is upped about 10 notches as she innocently begins studying Wicca. Her best friend Lucy attempts to warn her about getting involved in this religion, providing numerous reasons why Christians shouldn't delve into any spiritual exercise apart from the Bible, but Heather disagrees. At odds with each other, the two part ways and Heather befriends a new girl in town, Liz, who suddenly becomes her rival for a key ballet role and eventually steals Heather's boyfriend. All the while, Heather gets more and more into Wicca, buying candles, potions and even an Isis statue to help influence her future and gain control over her life.

Understandably, Heather becomes distraught when she invites spirits in and begins sensing that someone other than herself is writing in her book of shadows. Then, at a Wicca retreat, Heather's roommate seemingly is taken over by a terrifying spiritual presence that frightens them both. From a variety of sources, Heather is being influenced with pagan philosophies that sound so logical and good on the surface.

More confused than ever, and with an inner voice telling her to "give up" and end it all, Heather reaches her breaking point. After a huge fight with her father, she takes off not knowing where to go for help. She eventually ends up at the home of her mom's friend, where she receives counsel that redirects and encourages her. Realizing the danger in dabbling with spiritual powers, Heather finally finds peace with God and understands that He alone can offer her the comfort and control she had been seeking on her own.


Reviewed by Michele Howe on October 18, 2011

Moon White: Color Me Enchanted
by Melody Carlson

  • Publication Date: January 23, 2007
  • Genres: Christian, Fiction
  • Paperback: 215 pages
  • Publisher: NavPress
  • ISBN-10: 1576839516
  • ISBN-13: 9781576839515