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Monster (Gone)


Monster (Gone)

Four years ago, a dome was set over Perdido Beach, California, trapping everyone under the age of fourteen in and keeping everyone else out. Four years ago, the area nicknamed the FAYZ was created. Now, new meteorites are touching ground and this time they are affecting not just Perdido Beach but the whole world. In Michael Grant’s stunning follow-up to the Gone series, teenagers are getting superpowers that the kids in FAYZ could not even imagine. As heroes, villains, and monsters emerge, it is up to the chosen few to stop the world from becoming a place even worse than FAYZ.

When I was younger, I was a fan of Michael Grant’s Gone series. My brother and I both read the whole series when we were younger and we got closer because of our mutual love for the characters. Because of this, it’s very close to my heart, though it’s not one of my all-time favorites. When there was a new Gone book, I was unsure. I loved the idea of revisiting the world four years later but hearing that the book was centered on new characters had me nervous. I wanted to know what the old characters were up to, not what new ones were doing. I also thought the series had ended well previously and was worried an additional trilogy would mess things up.

"If you like books centered on action with lots of lovable characters, the Gone series is perfect for you."

Needless to say, my fears were set at ease. Everything that made Gone so awesome carried over from the previous books to the new ones. One of the things that always made Gone books so great is the in-depth action sequences. Grant is always willing to take a scene the extra mile, sometimes leading to some extra gory or drama, but most of the time leading to an entertaining and well-developed scene. His action scenes are what carries MONSTER from the first page to the last and really make the book stand out.

As I stated before, I was pretty sad about none of the characters from the original series returning for this one. Luckily, my issue over this was partly resolved when I discovered that Dekka from the original series was going to be one of the main characters. Dekka had always been one of my favorite characters so I love that she was the one consistently featured as a “crossover character” of sorts. As the book carries along, there are a few more appearances from the older books, but I felt like those turned out more unnecessary and forced. Still, I loved to get small snippets of how the lives of the characters I loved were going after the FAYZ.

There were also plenty of new characters to love as well. Almost ten of them, in fact. Grant bounces back and forth between plot lines before making them connect all together at the end. The result was somewhat overwhelming and at times it seemed pointless to have that many main characters, but at the end it was awesome to see them all come together and fight. The powers that Grant writes about are a step up from the ones we have seen previously and are incredibly creative and interesting to read about as well.

I’d highly recommend MONSTER to anyone who is a fan of Grant’s other works. Though you can most likely read this without reading the other books, it is much more fun to understand all of the connections (and you’ll be missing out on an entertaining series.) If you like books centered on action with lots of lovable characters, the Gone series is perfect for you.

Reviewed by Brynn S., Teen Board Member on November 30, 2017

Monster (Gone)
by Michael Grant