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Mend: A Story of Divorce


Mend: A Story of Divorce

MEND is a graphic novel written by Sophie Recca, a teen who was blindsided by her parents’ divorce when she was 9 years old. Now 14, Sophie tells the story of how her parents separated and learned to co-parent, and the pains she and her brother suffered in the process. At once raw, emotional and hopeful, MEND is the perfect read for teens going through similar issues who are struggling to cope with their changing family dynamics.

"Sophie’s bravery in welcoming readers into her mind and heart makes MEND a valuable read, and one that will bolster teens..."

MEND is not a long read, but it packs a powerful punch through its engaging dialogue, gorgeous colors and heartfelt message. As Sophie navigates her parents’ divorce, she gives readers an inside look at her thoughts, feelings and hopes. For teens dealing with their own families’ divorces, Sophie’s voice is refreshing for its reality --- she does not rebel or act out, and her pain leaps off the page. As a reader, you can truly feel the hurt in the visceral way that a child would.

The art in MEND is vivid and action-packed. Though some scenes felt a bit cheesy early on, the style redeems itself in its real “comic book” feel, adding some gravity to the already deeply felt story. What I truly loved about the art, however, was the coloring, done by Fahriza Kamaputra. Kamaputra’s use of color made the scenes easy to follow --- and that is coming from someone who does not typically read graphic novels.

Divorces are not uncommon and thus many parents and other adults may feel as though their children will “get over it” or feel okay again after a good cry. MEND reminds us that that is not always the case and that divorces affect children just as much --- if not more than --- their parents. Sophie’s bravery in welcoming readers into her mind and heart makes MEND a valuable read, and one that will bolster teens enduring their own challenges with divorce. Paired with fun, engaging graphic art, Sophie’s story is an easy read, but an important one.

Reviewed by Rebecca Munro on November 15, 2018

Mend: A Story of Divorce
by Sophia Recca