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Match Me if You Can


Match Me if You Can

MATCH ME IF YOU CAN by Tiana Smith is the story of a girl named Mia who has a plan, and no matter what, she is determined to stick to it. In her mind, there is no room for change. So when she gets the idea to have her best friend Robyn --- otherwise known as Cupid for her matchmaking skills --- set her up with the guy of her dreams, nothing will distract her. Not even when Robyn says no. Forced to take matters into her own hands, Mia goes behind Robyn’s back by using Robyn’s matchmaking business to make sure the man of her dreams, Vince Demetrius, falls head over heels in love with her.

Vince asks her out, and all is well with Mia’s plan until Logan, a guy she could never imagine herself falling for, suddenly seems to like her out of the blue. Now she’s stuck between Mr. Goldenboy, Vince, or Mr. Carefree, Logan. Her decision-making needs to be done before Robyn finds out she’s been matchmaking behind her back. In the end, we find out whether or not it’s still possible for Mia to fix the mess she’s made, and for her to decide whether she would rather have a perfect plan, or a perfect life.

"While this wasn’t my favorite book, I definitely enjoyed the well-developed melodramatic characters, realistic aspects and plot."

Overall, I was not a big fan of this book. It was not the captivating, whirlwind romantic comedy book I was hoping for, though I did enjoy a parts of it. While I liked the story line, I just would’ve appreciated a few more plot twists to make the story more interesting as this book was very predictable. On the other hand, though I did enjoy portions of this book, I did find it to be slightly boring, as it is super clichéd. Just like any average romance teen fiction book, it went a little like this: The girl likes the most popular guy in school --- that is, until someone the main character hates or finds highly annoying comes along, and turns her life upside down. They spend a little time alone, have a heart-to-heart and suddenly she finds out things she didn’t know about him before, which confuses things. They become friends who each have feelings for each other but refuse to admit it for a while. Then you throw in a love triangle for good measure, and a little hesitation from both sides and eventually the girl ends up with the guy she originally hated.

However, I must admit, that it was undeniably cute, especially the title. I fell in love with characters like Mia, Logan and Mia’s right hand woman, Robyn. I felt with the characters, and I even shed a tear or two. I could feel myself getting frustrated a few times with Mia, and the fact that she wasn’t catching on to the fact that Logan was her perfect match. The characters added lots of drama to every situation, keeping true to real life. As a fellow control freak, who loves to make to-do lists and plans, I found it very easy to relate to Mia. For me, the best part was watching, or rather reading, the comedy of errors play out.

While this wasn’t my favorite book, I definitely enjoyed the well-developed melodramatic characters, realistic aspects and plot.

Reviewed by Nia O., Teen Board Member on January 15, 2019

Match Me if You Can
by Tiana Smith