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Mariah Mundi: The Midas Box


Mariah Mundi: The Midas Box

In 1886, 15-year-old Mariah Mundi’s life appears bleak and lonely. As he’s been studying at the Chiswick Colonial School, his parents mysteriously disappeared in Sudan without a trace. As they’re presumed dead, Mariah must now set off into the world on his own. The school finds him a job at the Prince Regent Hotel, a massive manor built into the side of a cliff on the sea, modernly powered with a massive steam generator. Mariah sets out with determination and courage, despite the fact that the last five fellows who held the position have all disappeared.

But almost immediately, Mariah starts encountering bizarre events. A nervous traveler on the train platform convinces Mariah to transport a special deck of cards in exchange for a first-class ticket. Then the two men in his train compartment --- an individual named Black and a Captain in the army --- pull him into a lively conversation, which includes talk about a magic box that turns anything into gold. However, these factors just barely scratch the surface of the incredible and unbelievable adventure that Mariah has just stumbled into.

Upon arriving at the hotel, Mariah meets Sacha, an energetic gal from town with whom he’ll be working. She shows him around, letting him in on some of the local gossip, including the rumor that an evil creature from the sea called a kraken roams the night, snatching up and murdering townsfolk. She also informs Mariah that the last fellow to disappear believed that a terrifying secret was hidden deep within the hotel and that everybody was in danger. While exploring the endless passageways built in the cliff face, Mariah and Sacha quickly get entangled in the hotel’s mysteries, including a creepy doll that seems to move around by itself, wax mannequins resembling people in the hotel, a giant man-eating crab the size of a piano and evil magicians intent on their own dastardly deeds. Mariah doesn’t know who to trust, and he’s running for his life.

Brilliant author G. P. Taylor has delivered an enchantingly mysterious story containing more unexpected twists and fantastic turns than the unending corridors of the Prince Regent Hotel. And each new page turns up something even more wild and surprising than the last. This story has everything needed for a delightful read: likable heroes, nasty villains, deep secrets, mysterious passageways, scary creatures, amazing magic and unstoppable excitement. In addition, the talented Taylor combines all these winning factors with his eloquent words (“You have to believe. It’s a state of mind. Think we’re done for and we are. Drop your head to the ground and we’ll end up in the dirt… My grandfather said that if people don’t have a vision, then they will perish. If we don’t have a dream, then we fritter away our lives with nothing.”).

Readers of THE MIDAS BOX will not be disappointed!


Reviewed by Chris Shanley-Dillman on October 18, 2011

Mariah Mundi: The Midas Box
by G. P. Taylor

  • Publication Date: May 29, 2008
  • Genres: Fantasy, Thriller
  • Hardcover: 292 pages
  • Publisher: Putnam Juvenile
  • ISBN-10: 039924347X
  • ISBN-13: 9780399243479