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Love & War: An Alex & Eliza Story


Love & War: An Alex & Eliza Story

LOVE & WAR: AN ALEX AND ELIZA STORY by Melissa de la Cruz resumes after Alex and Eliza’s wedding, with the Schuyler family throwing Alex a farewell party. While they all expect him to return to his position under George Washington’s command, Alex has other ideas --- including being in charge of his own battalion on the front lines of the war. Eliza’s life at home and Alex’s journey during the war end with the duo moving to New York City to start a new life and shape our country’s future.

Eliza Hamilton and her life are areas that I am very passionate about. Eliza was the subject of a research paper that I wrote and since then, I have appreciated this amazing woman even more. This book shares part of her life with readers, and the fact that it might encourage someone to develop their own interest in Eliza is great.

"I really enjoyed all of the characters in LOVE & WAR. The banter between the Schuyler sisters is adorable, and it was certainly realistic."

LOVE & WAR is written in a modern style despite its historical setting, just like ALEX & ELIZA. In my opinion, this makes it much more accessible for readers. As a huge “Hamilton” fan, it was really entertaining to try to spot the references to the show. I also appreciated how this had similarities to the musical, but wasn’t an exact copy. There were some parts that didn’t actually happen in real life, but I didn’t even notice this until I read the author’s note. These sections were written so realistically that I completely believed that they happened to Alex and Eliza. I also noticed that some events that happened in real life weren’t a part of the plot. This made sense, and I understand why certain things were left out. There were several references to the first book, but these were explained well in case readers needed to brush up on what happened. However, I would definitely recommend reading the first book before reading this one.

I really enjoyed all of the characters in LOVE & WAR. The banter between the Schuyler sisters is adorable, and it was certainly realistic. I did have mixed feelings about the alternating perspectives. It was nice to see what both Alex and Eliza were going through, but it was unfortunate when a chapter would end on a cliffhanger and I would have to wait to see what would happen.

However, I do wish there had been a bit more conflict in the plot. I really enjoyed the section where Alex dealt with the trial, but I am also interested in the criminal justice system. I feel like not all readers will share my opinions on that plot point.

I would recommend LOVE & WAR to anyone with an interest in “Hamilton” or the colonial time period. Even if readers aren’t the most knowledgeable about colonial America, the time period is explained well and is very easy to understand. It was very interesting to see our country beginning to take shape, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to go back to the world of Alex and Eliza. Readers should stay tuned for the third book to come out, as I’m sure it will be equally enjoyable.

Reviewed by Breck G., Teen Board Member on May 21, 2018

Love & War: An Alex & Eliza Story
by Melissa de la Cruz