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Lost in Time: A Blue Bloods Novel


Lost in Time: A Blue Bloods Novel

In BLOODY VALENTINE, the love triangle bolstering the Blue Bloods series finally had been decided Feeling liberated, Schuyler gave her heart for all eternity to Jack Force. She sealed the choice with Oliver beside her in a ceremony that would end in Jack becoming a hunted man. Now with the pair legally wedded, they honeymoon in enchanted Florence, escaping their troubles for a time. Confining themselves to a hotel, the two celebrate each other and bask in forever love as Jack uses Schuyler for nourishment. Schuyler grows weak and sick, having yet to choose her own human familiar (after Oliver). Their bliss is wonderful, but Jack realizes he must face the facts: Love cannot be everything, responsibility must come, he has yet to face Azrael in all her fury, and the blood trial remains his only hope for freedom and the only way he and Schuyler can share a destiny.

In the first chapter, LOST IN TIME dives straight away into the newlywed romance with some scenes in which fans will relish. Thereafter, three separate narrators alternate the telling of each chapter, ending in astonishing turns. The narrators are Schuyler Van Alen, Mimi Force and Allegra Van Alen, each of whom receives the benefit of equal time to tell her story.

The first of the three tales is about Jack and Schuyler’s journey to Egypt in their attempt to discover a solution to the blood trial and Schuyler’s destiny. With Jack, Schuyler searches Alexandria for one of the gates of Hell and its gatekeeper, Catherine of Siena. Meanwhile, Mimi, Kingsley and Oliver walk a separate path. Restless and defeated, Mimi decides to leave New York after witnessing the fall of Covens everywhere. She sets off on a dangerous trip and leaves her own coven entirely unprotected to make an unprecedented descent into the hidden levels of Hell. She has taken Oliver with her and remembers Kingsley’s last words: “Come away with me, and live a new adventure.”

Allegra tells of falling in love nearly two decades before with the man who had been her familiar. Against everything the Venators have always stood for, Allegra broke her everlasting bonds and resigned her post as guardian. Relinquishing her fealties, she cut eternal ties to the archangel Michael and chose love. Readers already know the result of this, the mutant baby many consider an abomination; this is the child Venators call the “Dimidum Cognatus,” and Schuyler is, of course, this girl. It has been prophesized that the mutant daughter of Allegra (Gabrielle) will one day lead the angels to victory.

The plot moves forward briskly and in unexpected directions in this sixth installment. Readers are whisked through two different, equally dangerous paths to Hell. Silverbloods slaughter Blue Bloods freely now, and the Earth has never been more vulnerable. Few Angels of Light still live. The forces of good gear up to make a desperate last stand while Mimi is banking on the desperate hope that recovering Kingsley will rally her coven and become the deciding force in the war. But she knows she can never be truly one with him without first killing Jack, and Mimi must also relinquish a soul to one of the bosses of Hell --- that of a trusted friend.

Like all the books in the Blue Bloods series, LOST IN TIME is exciting, engaging and sweetly romantic. These are short books that are easy to read, and fans of the series will have no trouble whatsoever picking up again without reviewing previous volumes. Fans of Twilight will surely appreciate this entertaining urban fantasy with a unique storyline and well-designed characters.

Reviewed by Melanie Smith on September 27, 2011

Lost in Time: A Blue Bloods Novel
by Melissa de la Cruz