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Losing the Field


Losing the Field

Abbi Glines is the bestselling author of multiple series for young adults and adults. She wrote the Rosemary Beach series, the Sea Breeze series, the Vincent Boys series, the Existence Trilogy and the standalone AS SHE FADES. Her ongoing series The Field Party is a collection of companion novels following different couples in the same small Alabama town. It includes UNTIL FRIDAY NIGHT, UNDER THE LIGHTS, AFTER THE GAME and LOSING THE FIELD.

In the small town of Lawton, Alabama, football is everything. When Nash Lee ends up losing any chance to ever play football again because of an injury, he closes himself off from his friends and family. Tallulah Liddell has always had a crush on Nash, but it isn’t until he laughs with his friend who was making fun of Tallulah’s weight at the end of the school year that she is driven to make a change to her weight that summer. Tallulah takes it upon herself to get revenge on Nash, but the Nash she finds is nothing like he once was. While Tallulah and Nash deal with their own issues, they also become closer but not without bumps along the way.

"This novel is ultimately an enjoyable, quick read reminiscent of the books in the rest of this series. I enjoyed Nash and Tallulah as the new set of characters for this book."

LOSING THE FIELD features a fast-paced plot where, just when readers think it’s slowing down, something unexpected happens that alters the story. Several entirely new characters are introduced who significantly shape the story. Told in alternating points of view of Nash and Tallulah, the overall arc of the story is similar to the other books in the series. The novel takes on serious issues that some teens face, and they make these 336 pages riveting.

Tallulah is a new character to the series, and she shakes up the characters that have always been in this series. Nash is featured in other novels, but I am so glad that he finally has his own story. One of the best characters was Tallulah’s single mom, who is always there to support her and represents the best kind of parent and Nash. I also appreciated the emphasis on Nash’s friendships with Asa and his cousin Ryker. Both Tallulah and Nash faced a substantial change in their life, and that gave them the opportunity to work through their issues together.

This novel is ultimately an enjoyable, quick read reminiscent of the books in the rest of this series. I enjoyed Nash and Tallulah as the new set of characters for this book. While it doesn’t include the main characters from the first three books, it does have a few of the side characters acting in that same role. I found myself relating to this particular novel of the series more than the others, and it is for sure an addicting read like all of Abbi Glines’ books. I did enjoy some of the other books in this series more than LOSING THE FIELD, but I still liked reading it enough to continue with any new books to come.

Readers who know and love this series will want to continue with LOSING THE FIELD. Fans of Abbi Glines other books will find this series to be just as enjoyable. Tallulah and Nash’s novel does not require that you read the others, it just makes it more fun to read if you know some of the characters already.

Reviewed by Grace P., Teen Board Member on September 6, 2018

Losing the Field
by Abbi Glines