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Lord of Shadows (The Dark Artifices)


Lord of Shadows (The Dark Artifices)

Cassandra Clare, author of the New York Times bestselling series, The Mortal Instruments, introduces LORD OF SHADOWS, the thrilling sequel to LADY MIDNIGHT. After discovering the horrifying result of her love for Julian, Emma attempts to forge a new relationship with his brother, Mark. Hiding her true feelings becomes harder than it first seems, but abandoning the Blackthorns is not an option, especially as danger looms over them. Even worse than that, the cursed Black Volume of the Dead --- the spell book that brought Annabel Lee back to life --- has disappeared with Malcom Fade.

"With magical writing and a brilliant story, LORD OF SHADOWS had me entranced from the very beginning, surprising me every step of the way with each twist and turn that occurred. Clare’s writing is beautiful and unique...."

In order to protect their family, and the Shadowhunter world in general, Emma, Julian, Mark and Cristina must travel to the faerie lands to create a dangerous --- and illegal --- bargain with the Seelie Queen. Their desperate plan leaves them without help from the Clave, as the Cold Peace renders any contact with Faerie unlawful, so once again the Blackthorns are forced to fend for themselves. Meanwhile, an extremist group of Shadowhunters form the Cohort, a group planning to force the registration of Downworlders or improper Shadowhunters. With the tension rising between the Downworlders and the Clave, Emma and the Blackthorns must hurry to find the Black Volume, before the alarming secret they discovered in the Unseelie court destroys the Shadowhunters forever.

With magical writing and a brilliant story, LORD OF SHADOWS had me entranced from the very beginning, surprising me every step of the way with each twist and turn that occurred. Clare’s writing is beautiful and unique, somehow capturing the exact essence of a person, place or emotion in the perfect blend of words and phrases. The Blackthorns, along with Kit, Emma, and Cristina, each had their own voice and quirks which I came to know and love as the story progressed. The realistic representation of Ty’s behavior, Julian’s undying loyalty and protectiveness of his family and Cristina’s struggle to find her place in their family were a few of the countless character traits that were developed in the novel, each of which was valuable to the story. The diversity in this novel was amazing and despite the fact that diverse characters are becoming more common, the extent of their presence in this novel was far beyond most novels I’ve read in the YA genre, and this facet alone caused me to fall in love with this book.

Besides each individual’s story, the romance between the characters is enchanting and charming. The tragic love of Emma and Julian is a constant in the series, and I continued to be surprised, while still hoping for them to find happiness. Mark, Kieran and Christian's struggle to figure out where each of them belongs is a dance of fire and ice, full of deceit and hidden love, and each interaction between them was magical. Finally, the subtle mentions of characters from previous books by Clare were perfectly woven in without seeming forced, allowing the reader to see the characters from a different perspective. This book caused me to laugh out loud in a quiet classroom one minute and stifle tears the next, with consistent humor and heartbreak pouring out from between the pages. The plot itself was a wild ride, with intense battles and risky decisions that created as many problems as they resolved. I was hooked from the moment the book began, and founf myself in a constant sense of wonderment about how certain situations could possibly be fixed, and each time I was surprised.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has read and enjoyed Cassandra Clare’s previous novels, as this has all the aspects of those and more. Also, anyone who enjoys fantasy, romance, or just wants an out-of-this-world book should check out LORD OF SHADOWS --- it will not disappoint.

Reviewed by Jessica K., Teen Board Member on June 12, 2017

Lord of Shadows (The Dark Artifices)
(The Dark Artifices #2)
by Cassandra Clare