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Little Do We Know


Little Do We Know

LITTLE DO WE KNOW is the newest release from Tamara Ireland Stone. She is also the author of several other popular YA novels including; EVERY LAST WORD and TIME AND TIME AGAIN. Her newest release follows Hannah and Emory in alternating points of view. The girls are neighbors and former best friends who haven’t spoken in months. Both girls long to fix their broken friendship but neither reaches out until an accident with Emory’s boyfriend, Luke, pulls Hannah back into her life. The two juggle with the demons of their pasts as well as the end of their senior year and questions about the futures lying ahead of them. But one question reigns above them all; will Hannah and Emory be able to fix their friendship?

"I could go on forever about how much I loved this book....LITTLE DO WE KNOW blends themes of love, faith and friendship into one heartwarming reality."

I absolutely adored LITTLE DO WE KNOW. I’ve been a fan of Tamara’s other books and I had high expectations for this one. I was pleasantly surprised when all those expectations were surpassed. I read the entirety of this novel in one day and from someone who has been in a seemingly endless reading slump, this says a lot. The writing was beautifully crafted and the plot events blended extremely well and realistically together. This was especially evident in the constant switches in points of view. For me as a reader, dual POV can often be risky. However with this book, I found both characters to be equally interesting. Their stories blended together but their voices were distinct enough that I could tell they were separate people. That adds up to the perfectly written dual POV.

Speaking of the characters, I loved each and every one of them. The entire cast of characters had strong personalities as well as relevant and relatable problems in their lives. I related to them on an even more personal level because I just completed my senior year of high school. So many of the thoughts that the characters had were things that I had experienced before. I don’t think I can even pick a favorite character because they all have such well-developed stories and add so much to the plot itself. Stone was able to create both real and likable characters, which made the reading experience incredible for me.

With all of her books, Stone also finds ways to incorporate serious issues and topics. LITTLE DO WE KNOW touches a lot on faith and solidifying your own beliefs as you grow up. I found this really interesting and it was definitely a great addition to the self-growth and coming of age themes that were apparent throughout the novel. I again found this element to be extremely relatable, which helped me to develop an even deeper connection with the characters.

Honestly I could go on forever about how much I loved this book, but there is much more value in reading and experiencing it for yourself. LITTLE DO WE KNOW blends themes of love, faith and friendship into one heartwarming reality. It’s impossible to turn away from the page, making this book a perfect beach read. I would highly recommend LITTLE DO WE KNOW to any and every contemporary fan. It’s also perfect for any high school seniors, whether you just graduated or you’re a rising senior this book will be extremely relatable to you and carry an even more powerful message.

Reviewed by Danielle F., Teen Board Member on June 28, 2018

Little Do We Know
by Tamara Ireland Stone