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Like Water


Like Water

I was very excited to read LIKE WATER due to the fact that I had seen a few friends give it good ratings, and the author, Rebecca Podos, is my favorite author’s literary agent (Ashley Herring Blake). LIKE WATER fully met my expectations. Pretty much everything about LIKE WATER was right up my reading tastes alley. I clicked well with the writing styles, and I loved the characters.

I’ll start with Savannah, or Vanni, the main character. I absolutely loved her. Reading her felt like I was connecting with a best friend who really understands me. I also loved how Vanni talks about how she has a history of bouncing around from boy to boy, but that isn’t portrayed as a shameful thing. Too often in books do I see girls demonized for doing what they want with their own body, so it was incredibly refreshing to read a book where that isn’t seen as a bad thing.

"LIKE WATER is...a very good choice for a book to read when you feel you may be in a reading slump....I would definitely recommend [it] to fans of young adult contemporary, and fans of Ashley Herring Blake."

Vanni is bisexual, and as an #ownvoices reviewer I can say that I thought the representation was done very well. I could see myself in Vanni and I appreciated that a lot. Another great thing about LIKE WATER is Vanni’s family. It’s just Vanni and her parents, including her father who has Huntington's Disease. I enjoyed that there was a lot of Spanish in this book, because as someone who is not fluent in Spanish, seeing it casually in a book actually helped me understand a lot of words.

Now onto Leigh, the main love interest. I really liked Leigh even though there were many “unlikeable” traits. Leigh was reckless, angry and unpredictable, much to the dismay of Leigh’s older brother, Lucas. However, you learn why Leigh behaves in those ways, and grow to care for the character. I also like how Vanni’s relationship with Leigh was realistic in the sense that it wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine, and they both had to confront real life problems before they could both grow as individuals. Leigh’s family dynamic with Lucas warmed my heart. Rebecca Podos manages to perfectly articulate a sibling bond and the love siblings have for one another through the pages of the book.

If you enjoyed HOW TO MAKE A WISH by Ashley Herring Blake, I think you will enjoy LIKE WATER. While reading, the book reminded me a lot of HOW TO MAKE A WISH in the sense that it deals with the main character learning about a new kind of love, and finding themselves in the process. Furthermore, the characters in both novels have some sort of familial struggle, and the writing styles are similar. LIKE WATER is also a very good choice for a book to read when you feel you may be in a reading slump. It is a rather short book and easy to read quickly. Overall I would definitely recommend LIKE WATER to fans of young adult contemporary, and fans of Ashley Herring Blake.

Reviewed by Jessi H., Teen Board Member on November 30, 2017

Like Water
by Rebecca Podos