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Light Years


Light Years

When the Specters, a vicious, heartless population from a nearby galaxy, first attacked, no one saw it coming. Now the Quatra System is prepared and determined to protect its citizens at all costs from another attack. After years of studying its enemy inside and out and rebuilding its military, Quatra and its people are eager and ready to fight back.

Unfortunately, only elites from Tridian, one of Quatra's main planets, have access to the prestigious Academy which trains Quatra's military officers. The rest of Quatra's inhabitants toil in the mines to get by. To most of Quatra's children, the Academy will always be an unattainable dream.

"LIGHT YEARS is a must read for young adult and sci-fi lovers alike....Morgan executed the book brilliantly; there was never a dull moment."

Everything starts to change, though, when the Academy decides to admit applicants from all over the system and from all kinds of backgrounds. But when the students arrive, they are split into squadrons and must compete against each other. Only the winning squadron will be assured a place in the next level at the Academy. Stakes are high and tension mounts as hidden secrets begin to unfold.

A lighter version of ENDER'S GAME, LIGHT YEARS is a must read for young adult and sci-fi lovers alike. The book kept some of my favorite elements of ENDER'S GAME, like the competition between students and their ingenious maneuvers to win, while simplifying the deeper messages and replacing them with action and romance.

Morgan executed the book brilliantly; there was never a dull moment. Some of the characters seemed a little stereotypical and one dimensional at first, but as the book progressed, they became more compelling. The budding romances, while a bit predictable, also made the book enjoyable. Characters seem more drawn to each other because they understand each other and not just because they're attracted to each other physically.

LIGHT YEARS is a heartwarming, fast paced read that's perfect for the upcoming holidays.

Reviewed by Alice D., Teen Board Member on October 30, 2018

Light Years
by Kass Morgan