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In a post-apocalyptic world where robots and androids are just as common as dogs and cats, Eve and her best friend Lemon are not having the best day. After watching her robot gladiator get blown to pieces in the latest WarDome fight, discovering new powers that she manifested out of anger, and having the mysterious Brotherhood watching her as a target, it only seems to be getting worse. Eve discovers ruins of an android boy named Ezekiel and from there she goes on an incredible chase across her world, her world crashing down as dark secrets from her past resurface themselves in the process. From the author of The Illuminae Files and The Nevernight Chronicle comes another dazzling new world and a series starter full of romance, gore, twists and destruction.

"While things like the characters and plot and setting are well-crafted and fun to read, the one thing that sticks out to me in LIFEL1K3 is how it makes the reader think."

It is no secret to anyone who knows me that Jay Kristoff is one of my all-time favorite authors. Because of this, I’ve been counting down to this book ever since it was announced, excited to see what my favorite author had in store for me next. With each book Jay writes, there are plot twists galore, amazing world building and tears are shed at least once. With LIFEL1K3, it was hard for me not to have high expectations going into it. However, to no surprise, LIFEL1K3 meets any and every expectation and excitement I had.

While things like the characters and plot and setting are well-crafted and fun to read, the one thing that sticks out to me in LIFEL1K3 is how it makes the reader think. Beneath all of the action and excitement that this book contains, it also takes the opportunity to create dialogue about certain philosophical concepts. The addition of robots in the story really helps to build that, questioning things like if our choices are truly our own. The fact that the book count balance concepts like this with action-packed fight scenes and romance scenes shows how excellent it truly is.

The plot twists also carry the story beautifully, making me never want to put the book down. Secrets and pieces of the puzzle continue to unweave themselves the entire book, advancing the plot excellently so it never got boring. Just when I thought all of the twists were over, I’d get surprised by another. LIFEL1K3 never had a dull moment, the pacing perfect with every scene carrying a purpose.

The only problem that I had with the book was the characters. While I enjoyed reading about them, I could not connect fully with any of them like I usually am able to in books. They were unfortunately not my favorite characters that I have read by Jay Kristoff. However, the way many of them develop at the very end set up a sequel excellently and made me more excited to revisit the characters than I had been before, fixing any issues that I previously had.

Overall, I highly recommend LIFEL1K3 to anyone who has enjoyed Jay Kristoff’s books in the past. I also recommend it to anyone who enjoys worlds like Mad Max: Fury Road and other post-apocalyptic settings. LIFEL1K3 is a promising start to what is sure to be an amazing series and I’m on the edge of my seat anticipating the coming sequels.

Reviewed by Brynn S., Teen Board Member on August 8, 2018

by Jay Kristoff