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Let Me List the Ways


Let Me List the Ways

LET ME LIST THE WAYS follows Mackenzie --- usually called Zie --- through her senior year of high school. The book showcases her relationship with her neighbor and best friend Nolan. They have been friends for as long as either of them can remember. They wake each other up in the morning and always makes sure the other is doing well. They tell each other everything but Zie has the biggest crush on Nolan and promises herself to never tell him to keep it from ruining their perfect friendship.

"I really enjoyed reading LET ME LIST THE WAYS. I didn’t want to put the book down. This book made me laugh, smile and cry."

During their senior year, Zie and Nolan face new challenges but their friendship never falters. As graduation grows nearer, the two decide to recreate some of their favorite childhood memories and create some new ones to keep things fresh. They will be attending different colleges so they are determined to spend as much time together as possible. Their friendship is the most important thing to both of them. They have always been there for each other so being apart will be an entirely new battle. Despite being excited about new opportunities and adventures --- and despite joking about how they won’t miss each other --- it is very obvious that the pair will miss each other dearly and are scared about how their friendship will be effected.

I really enjoyed reading LET ME LIST THE WAYS. I didn’t want to put the book down. This book made me laugh, smile and cry. At times it made me angry too --- it seemed like Nolan and Zie were finally going to get together but then they would both act as if nothing happened. The only thing I wish was more prominent would be the lists that Zie and Nolan create together. The title indicates a lot of lists are made, but they do not become entirely relevant until you’re about half way through the book. However, I still think an incredible story is told and I would not change anything else. I adored this book and even though I’m not sure how this would work, I would like to hear about happens to Zie and Nolan down the road --- how college is and how their friendship is.

I think anyone leaving for college should read this book. I connected with this book on a more personal level than I usually do, because I am heading off to college soon and I’m having to say goodbye to some dear friends of mine. I think this book makes the transition seem easier --- even though the story ends in the middle of Nolan and Zie’s senior year spring break. I would recommend this book to anyone in high school as well. It will help you to see that high school is not as bad as it may seem --- I know I wanted to get out of there as quick as possible --- and to enjoy every moment life gives you. High school will go by quickly, so enjoy it --- and your friends --- while you can.

Reviewed by Ashley D., Teen Board Member on September 4, 2018

Let Me List the Ways
by Sarah White