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Legendary: A Caraval Novel


Legendary: A Caraval Novel

When Scarlett Dragna won the last game of Caraval, she assumed she had saved her sister from a terrible fate at the hands of Legend, the game master. She didn’t realize that it was really Donatella who had saved her, and Tella’s role in the game is far from over. She made a desperate bargain with a criminal who was far more dangerous than she realized, and now the time has come for her to hold up her end: delivering to him Legend’s true name.

The only way to uncover his identity is to win the next Caraval, so Tella is thrown into the twisted game of lies and magic once more, only this time the stakes are higher than ever. Not only does Tella have to accomplish an impossible feat, but she also must navigate a treacherous relationship with the murderous heir to the throne, a love story destined to fail and an ever growing web of secrets between her and the ones she loves. Never has it been harder to tell what is real and what is purely part of the game, but one thing Tella knows for sure: if she fails, she will lose everything she’s ever cared about, and may end up paying for it with her life.

"LEGENDARY was a fantastic read and a complete page-turner, and I could not have been more pleased with this sequel....Garber’s writing was endlessly magical and eloquent."

When I found out this book was going to be from Tella’s perspective, I was a little skeptical. I absolutely adored the first book with Scarlett as the heroine, but I had mixed feelings on Tella’s character. In CARAVAL she seemed a little vain, a little reckless and a little unreliable, so I really wasn’t sure how she’d work as the main character. However, Garber showed in this book that there is so much more to Tella than we were shown in the first book. She was still a little reckless, but she was endlessly brave. She was still a little vain, but she was nowhere near shallow. She was still a little unreliable, but she was insanely loyal. I left LEGENDARY with nothing but love and admiration for this fierce, independent girl who continued to surprise me the whole way through.

As for the plotline, I absolutely loved the new element with the Fates that Garber added in this book. I thought the whole idea of having these sort of “lost gods” capable of both ruling with an iron fist and causing absolute mayhem among humans was very clever and original, and I loved how unique they each were. It added an extra layer of depth and complexity to the already impossible storyline, but it didn’t overly muddle it. Just as with the first book, the game of Caraval was full of magic and unexpected twists, and Garber designed each character in a way that had you questioning everything about them up until the very end.

The main love interest, Dante, was another character that was given more depth in this story and let me just say that I loved him. Just like with Julian in CARAVAL, Dante was playing a role and it was hard to tell what was real and what wasn’t, but also like Julian he was completely devoted to Tella and their romance was wild and passionate and all twisted up but I adored every second of it.

Overall, LEGENDARY was a fantastic read and a complete page-turner, and I could not have been more pleased with this sequel. The characters were complex, the storyline was mysterious and exciting and, as always, Garber’s writing was endlessly magical and eloquent. I would recommend this book to lovers of both fiction and fantasy alike, and anyone looking for a good romantic thriller.

Reviewed by Katie T., Teen Board Member on May 29, 2018

Legendary: A Caraval Novel
by Stephanie Garber