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Kingdom of Ash


Kingdom of Ash

KINGDOM OF ASH by Sarah J Maas is the final book in the Throne of Glass Series. Aelin has endured so much throughout these books and has sacrificed so much of herself to save the people she loves. The queen of the fae has locked her in a coffin and she is left in there as she experiences months of torture by Maeve. Her friends are separated from each other, trying to save everyone from destruction. Aedion and Lysandra are the last thing keeping Terresan away from Erawan’s complete take over. As they are doing that Chaol, Dorian and Manon are subjected to meet their own fates. And Rowan is on a desperate search to find his queen. They are all separated but all of them hope that they can defeat Erawan and save Aelin’s people from his wrath.

"Aelin only got stronger throughout the books and became the queen she was meant to be. I really loved seeing her grow into her crown."

I was very nervous about picking this book up because with some stories the last book ruins the series for me and I know a lot of people were scared going into this book for the same reasons. But I was very pleased with this being the last book and I was not disappointed at all. It was definitely bittersweet when I finished the book because I really loved it but I hate how this is the last book and this series has come to a close. I loved the friendship in this book. The characters’ relationships made me crave something like they had. The sacrifice that all of the beloved characters had to make, not even just in this book but throughout the series, made me love them even more because of how selfless and loyal they all were to not only Aelin but to each other. I could really talk about this book forever.

With every book in this series you can see Sarah’s writing evolve and I really love that because it shows her growth as an author. Each book in this series was better than the last and that is definitely saying something because all of these books were spectacular. Along with Sarah’s writing evolving, the characters did as well. I now have the need to reread this book series just to see the character development in more depth. Aelin only got stronger throughout the books and became the queen she was meant to be. I really loved seeing her grow into her crown. Sometimes I do not like characters in books because they are not logical or clear minded but in this story I did not see a problem with anyone because they all had great reasoning and logical thinking with everything they did.

It has been such a pleasure reading these books and I am so sad to see it come to an end but I am so happy with how it turned out. I grew and evolved with these books as well and they will always have a special place in my heart, so thank you to Sarah J. Maas for creating this story and creating amazing characters whom I adored.

Reviewed by Abigail D., Teen Board Member on December 31, 2018

Kingdom of Ash
by Sarah J. Maas