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Keys to the Repository


Keys to the Repository

KEYS TO THE REPOSITORY will make a nice addition to the
bookshelves of the many readers who have already finished the first
four installments of the Blue Bloods series. Those who
haven't read these but are on the lookout for something new should
take note: this is a bestselling urban fantasy series that has
become increasingly popular with teenagers for its continuous,
warped drama and convoluted, ever-unpredictable love stories. The
spirited cast of characters are often adorable or despicable, and
many evolve by the conclusion of each book. The elite New York City
backdrop provides some wonderful scenery with a stylish, modern
flair. And a creative blend of divine themes and vampyre history
dates all the way back to the fall of Lucifer himself, detailed
exquisitely here in a compact little volume.

This addition comes mid-series, though it is not a part of the
main storyline, serving as an appetizer to whet one's appetite
before the plunge back into the main course. It offers inside
information, some of which may surprise readers, particularly a few
lesser-known details. The core content is simply a reflection of
the central story but in greater detail and more organized form. It
leaves off just where the fourth book ended and stresses important
ideas that may determine the course of future volumes, or at least
provide more basis for conjecture. Family histories of significant
characters are included with vital statistics and a few interesting
backstories. All of this has been neatly compiled in the actual
records contained within the story, in classified Repository files
protected by Renfield, faithful servant and director of the
facility containing Blue Bloods records.

The format of the book is open: readers may choose to simply
read through it as they would a novel or more like a travel guide,
shuffling through to peruse for interesting details and stories
they might like to read. Either way, it has been written so you can
do as you choose and sectioned for ease of reference. A simple
introduction begins the book, with Melissa de la Cruz explaining
her reasons for writing it and referring to prior reading
experiences with companion books of her favorite series. After
this, individual characters are outlined and summarized, each
divided by family origin and several expounded on in short stories.
The rise and fall of the Blue Bloods is given special attention, as
is the fall of Lucifer and the origin of the Silver Bloods. The
original story involving the settlement at Plymouth is detailed
too, and Allegra's unions with Stephen Chase and Lucifer are
revisited (albeit with some ambiguity).

Particular attention is given to the stories surrounding
Schuyler, Jack and Oliver, and these are stories that will likely
interest readers the most, especially some more suggestive scenes,
including the memorable kiss at the masquerade and love scenes
further in the future, bringing the couple all the way to the
present time and with Jack revisiting his feelings about being
dumped by Schuyler. An equally notable side story is devoted to
Dylan Ward, providing a backdrop for him that explains where his
time was spent while he was missing and introducing an unknown love
interest for him that makes him a more interesting character than
he had been.

For those who might have missed a book along the way, you'll
want to finish any prior Blue Bloods installments before
reading KEYS TO THE REPOSITORY. Though not providing much in the
way of novelty in the main story, it does summarize experiences
from previous volumes. And there are some interesting tidbits that
readers will enjoy, particularly recapping where Schuyler, Jack and
Oliver (and also Mimi) left off. Fans should be pleased with this
as a companion, released just in time to give one last glimpse
before moving on to the fifth volume in October.


Reviewed by Melanie Smith on October 18, 2011

Keys to the Repository
by Melissa de la Cruz

  • Publication Date: June 29, 2010
  • Genres: Urban Fantasy
  • Hardcover: 240 pages
  • Publisher: Hyperion Book CH
  • ISBN-10: 1423134540
  • ISBN-13: 9781423134541