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It's a Wonderful Death


It's a Wonderful Death

Rowena Joy Jones (better known as RJ) is a self-absorbed princess who only cares about herself. But one day, when visiting a fair with her friends, RJ’s soul is accidentally collected by a mistaken grim reaper and she’s whisked onto a train with all of the other newly deceased souls. However, RJ is a fighter --- she refuses to accept her own death and constantly pushes for her case to be heard. As her life --- or death --- as she knows it is changed, can RJ prove that her life is worthy of the mortal plane?


The author’s snarky, whimsical tone makes this book impossible to put down.

IT’S A WONDERFUL DEATH by debut novelist Sarah J. Schmitt is an inspiring book about startling changes and new beginnings. The author’s snarky, whimsical tone makes this book impossible to put down, and I loved how RJ was so smart and cynical. I also found it fascinating to witness her almost-magical metamorphosis, and the way she develops relationships with the other characters throughout the book. Each scene was full of surprise and vividly described emotion, and overall, the story teaches readers to enjoy life before it’s too late.

Unfortunately, though, the plot itself seemed a bit bland to me. It may be a bit of a personal bias, as I prefer books with multifaceted plots that intertwine with each other, and this book has a singular plotline with a slightly disappointing, marginally predictable climax. The book also had a plethora of expectations to live up to, as the title reminded me of a movie It’s A Wonderful Life and I’d just finished reading another wonderful book.

To sum up, I would recommend IT’S A WONDERFUL DEATH to anyone who enjoys books with a strong, sarcastic, snarky female lead. If you are a person who fancies a single plot with a few twists and turns and an amazingly sweet ending, this book is definitely for you!

Reviewed by Vaishnavi S. on October 7, 2015

It's a Wonderful Death
by Sarah J. Schmitt

  • Publication Date: October 6, 2015
  • Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal
  • Hardcover: 320 pages
  • Publisher: Sky Pony Press
  • ISBN-10: 163450173X
  • ISBN-13: 9781634501736