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Internet Famous


Internet Famous

Madi Nakama is internet famous. Ever since the popularity of her online pop culture blog skyrocketed, she has been swarmed with comments, likes and new friends. The internet and fandom culture have been her escape, especially when her mother suddenly abandons her family for a new career opportunity, leaving her sister struggling and Madi trying to balance the lines between her online and real life persona. Luckily, as she struggles with these commitments, her online friends come through, especially Laurent, an internet friend who could possibly become something more. Unfortunately, the internet might not be an escape for long as a new troll threatens to take away everything Madi has worked for.

"INTERNET FAMOUS does an amazing job of putting together the sweet and the serious, making a fun yet significant story for everyone who picks it up."

As a BookTuber and someone deeply in love with all things pop culture, Madi came off as extremely relatable to me. Though my BookTube isn't even a quarter as popular as Madi’s blog, it was so fun reading about someone with similar experiences. Every pop culture reference made me happy, especially when they’d insert portions of the blog for us to read. Rather than reading about a character, it seemed more like talking to a friend. Madi seemed so real to me and not as distant as some characters tend to be.

Another thing I really loved was her family. Rather than Madi’s family being in the background, her mom going to England was one of the key plot points. Seeing her trying to deal with the frustration of her parents can be relatable to many teenagers. Plus, her sister Sarah was one of my favorite characters to read about. She has special learning disabilities, something we rarely see portrayed in characters. Though I can’t speak from experience, I thought the book did a good job of portraying her and I’d love to see more characters like Sarah included in books. Madi’s compassion towards her sister and simultaneous frustration at her family created an interesting balance and I would have loved to see even more about them.

From the outside, INTERNET FAMOUS seems like a relatively light and fluffy read. Much of it is, especially with Madi’s flirtationship with Laurent. Laurent is a French exchange student, extremely handsome, and into all of the nerdy stuff that Madi is, so he’s the full package and my newest book boyfriend. For those ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS fans, he gave off quite a few Etienne vibes. There were so many moments between them that I was melting over and I just kept waiting for more interactions between the two of them. But that being said, the book does deal with some serious issues. Cyberbullying is a major part of the book and watching the effects that occur from it made me want to angry-tweet the troll myself. I love the inclusion of that issue and the illustration of how serious cyberbullying can get.

INTERNET FAMOUS does an amazing job of putting together the sweet and the serious, making a fun yet significant story for everyone who picks it up. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is part of online community or to anyone who has their own blog like Madi.

Reviewed by Brynn S., Teen Board Member on June 27, 2017

Internet Famous
by Danika Stone