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Inherit Midnight


Inherit Midnight

To outsiders, it seems like Avery has it all --- she lives in a mansion, goes to a boarding school and is pampered by her wealthy grandmother. However, all is not as it seems. Avery is an illegitimate daughter, the product of a scandal in the VanDemere family. When Grandmother VanDemere decides to set up a complex game across the globe to see who in the family is worthy to inherit her fortune, Avery leaps at the chance to show her relatives what she’s capable of...and also to find what really happened to her mother, who Avery believed was dead.

INHERIT MIDNIGHT may smack of 39 Clues with less characters and less clues, but the story is more character-driven than one would think. Though each “challenge” Grandmother VanDemere arranges is interesting and page-turning, readers will be especially invested in is Avery’s growth as a character. From standing up to bullying to falling in love, from discovering pieces of the VanDemere history to discovering pieces of her own past, Avery’s arc will certainly hold readers’ attention until the very last line.

Each character is thoroughly developed, and when the players interact, INHERIT MIDNIGHT becomes a truly delicious read.

Each character is thoroughly developed, and when the players interact, INHERIT MIDNIGHT becomes a truly delicious read. Filled with betrayals, revenge, hatred, violence and greed, the game is taken to the next level when despicable characters take the mentality of every-man-for-himself. From wrathful Uncle Marshall to mean girl Thisby to conniving Daisy to brutal Chase, the game is sure to keep readers on edge. And sometimes the reader finds kindness in unexpected people, making Avery’s journey all the more rewarding.

History junkies will love how each challenge “reenacts” a story from pages of a text book ---in fact, there’s even a simulation involving a paintball version of a Revolutionary War battle. Romantics won’t be able to resist the charm of Riley, the son of Grandma VanDemere’s lawyer. Action thrill-seekers can vividly imagine themselves rappelling down the sides of a gaping hole or running through a forest while avoiding bullets whizzing through the air. Puzzle solvers, like me, will pump their fists in the air when they figure out a hidden clue before Avery and Riley do. INHERIT MIDNIGHT truly has something for everyone.

Reviewed by Cassandra H., Teen Board Member on February 10, 2015

Inherit Midnight
by Kate Kae Myers