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In Paris with You


In Paris with You

IN PARIS WITH YOU follows Eugene and Tatiana. They have not seen each other since the summer 10 years prior. But when they run into each other on the Paris Metro the feelings that did not get the opportunity to blossom all of those years ago begin to resurface. And along with those feelings, questions about what went wrong that summer also appear. What actually happened between them that summer? Is this a second chance for them? Even after everything that happened can they put their pasts aside and form a new relationship?

The concept of this novel was so interesting because it sounds so basic but I have not heard of anything like this before. The plot, as well as the cover, pulled me in from the start and hooked me in and I fell in love with the idea of it rather quickly.

"If you are a fan of cute contemporary books that jump between different times in a character life it will be a good idea to give this book a try."

Something unique about this novel, which I noticed right away, is that it is written in verse. It is not written in a normal style you see young adult books written today. There were points when one of the characters would go on poetic tangents which were beautiful and it felt like I was reading a poem, not a novel. There were points during these tangents, however, where I would become a little bored and I would stop paying attention to the story and get lost in the words and lose my place in the novel. There were a handful of times where I would sort of lose interest during a scene. But the writing style the author adopts is sort of funny and comedic which I really appreciated and I did not become bored with.

This story jumps between point of views but also between different times in the main characters lives. I really enjoyed seeing the characters at a younger age. It was so incredibly adorable to see their relationship form the first time. It also gave me a better understanding of why they are the way they are in the present time. I enjoyed their flashbacks over the present day because it was so interesting and cute but I still enjoyed reading the present day.

The author, Clémentine Beauvais, was born in Paris. This made the story more realistic because she grew up in the setting this story took place in. While researching this book I discovered it was originally written in French but was then translated to English by Sam Taylor. She leans towards writing children's books as opposed to young adult. I hope to read more work by her in the future and watch her grow more as a young adult author.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves the usual young adult tropes such as “second chances” and “the one that got away.” If you are a fan of cute contemporary books that jump between different times in a character life it will be a good idea to give this book a try.

Reviewed by Abigail D., Teen Board Member on March 19, 2019

In Paris with You
by Clémentine Beauvais