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Immoral Code


Immoral Code

IMMORAL CODEby Lillian Clark is the thrilling story of five friends who embark on a journey to pull off a heist that could either fulfill one’s dream of getting to college, or find them all in jail.

Nari, aka “do1os” while on the computer, is a hacker who dreams of working at big tech companies like Google or Apple. With her is Keagan, her boyfriend, Reese, a visual artist with plans to travel the world, Santiago, a diver pursuing his dream with a scholarship to Stanford and hopes for the Olympics, and Bellamy, a physics genius admitted to MIT. The only problem? Her incredibly rich, billionaire, estranged father won’t pay for her tuition. Nari refuses to let her best friend’s dreams be crushed, so she assembles a team and hatches a plan to steal just enough money to pay for Bellamy’s tuition.

"The high-tech thievery raised the tension and definitely had me wrapped up in the world Clark created. I appreciated her research into coding..."

Written in first person with switching POVs, IMMORAL CODE captures all sides of the story, from each character’s emotions, thought processes and experiences. At times, I was confused with the constant switching of character POVs due to dialogue-heavy chapters, but reading forward, Clark manages to create a cast of vastly different characters and characteristics of each. While reading, I was reminded of The Breakfast Club as Clark breaks past the stereotypes of “jock” or “hacker” or “nerd” and gives her audience insight to their lives.

Although the plot is a bit extreme, as they attempt to pull off a huge heist that could eliminate any of their chances of going into college, the storyline was riveting and fast-paced. Clark addresses this morally gray heist through her characters and some of their doubt as to if they should really steal the money.

The book is elaborate and constantly had me on edge. Clark’s descriptions of each event were detailed, yet didn’t drag on. She builds a universe and storyline that dives into friendships, love, trust and morals. I first picked up the book because of its mention of hacking and coding. Clark did not disappoint. The high-tech thievery raised the tension and definitely had me wrapped up in the world Clark created. I appreciated her research into coding and Bellamy’s talks about physics and the complexities of science.

Clark plays with a fun, exciting plot while also incorporating a discussion of moral dilemmas. The teenagers explore themselves and each other while going on this risky adventure. It was a thought-provoking read that takes you on a long but fascinating journey through the minds of teenagers and the action of a heist movie.

As the beginning IMMORAL CODE was slightly dialogue-heavy and it took a while getting used to all the characters and POVs, so it started off with a rocky beginning. However, as the plot and characters come together, it became a much smoother ride. I would have enjoyed longer chapters or a third person point of view to further connect with who was talking, but nevertheless, Clark provides a captivating, intriguing novel in which fans of the Ocean’s series, The Breakfast Club or any hacker movie/book ever, will enjoy.

Reviewed by Jeremy H., Teen Board Member on February 27, 2019

Immoral Code
by Lillian Clark