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Teen Board Question - August 2017, Part 1

The September 2016 - August 2017 cycle of the Teen Board is officially wrapping it up, and we thought we'd take a moment to look back on all of the good times with this month's questions. Read below to find out what our Teen Board members enjoyed most about their time on the board, their favorite book of the year and what advice they have for members of the next group.

Current and Former Teen Board Members on's 20th Anniversary

One of our favorite parts of is our Teen Board: a group of real teenagers nationwide who read, review and report for us on a variety of topics. Our Teen Board members provide invaluable feedback to us about books, authors and trends; when we celebrate Teenreads, we celebrate them. As we kick off our 20th anniversary celebration, here are some words from current and former Teen Board members about how they found Teenreads, which books they discovered through their time on the Board and what Teenreads has meant to them.

November 2017, Part 2

The turkey is stuffed, the tofurkey is roasted, and Teenreads is feeling thankful for all of the great books and authors we’ve covered this past year. While we’re feeling festive, we asked our Teen Board members which book or author they are most thankful for this year. As a bonus, we also asked if there were any feast scenes or food items from books that they'd love to recreate this holiday.

Teen Board Question - May 2018, Part 2

Here at Teenreads, we know that our Teen Board members are invaluable to us, as they read across a variety of genres and are able to share their love of reading all different kinds of books with us and our readers. This month, we asked our Teen Board members to tell us about their favorite genres in YA and what makes them so special. To help round out their answers, we also asked them to include a few titles that they feel really exemplify their favorite genres. Read below for the first half of their answers and click here for Part 1.