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Hidden Pieces: A Novel


Hidden Pieces: A Novel

HIDDEN PIECES by Paula Stokes is about a girl named Embry Woods. Embry Woods has a lot of secrets. For starters, she has a secret relationship with a boy named Luke. Another secret is that she is starting to gain feelings for a new person. But she has a secret so big that she has never shared with anyone --- and that is what happened that night at the Sea Cliff Inn. So much happened that night and no one knows the truth but Embry. That night there was a fire. A homeless guy. Everyone believes that lie that Embry is a hero but that is far from the truth. Embry thinks she can get away with this lie but then she receives a note anonymously. The letter is from someone who knows what happened that night. This anonymous person is threatening the lives of everyone that Embry holds near and dear to her. No one is safe and it might end in murder.

"I loved the characters in the book. Embry was loyal and interesting and I found myself really liking her character as a whole….This book is unlike anything I have ever read."

The summary of the book confused me a little bit at first but once I started getting into the book the more things unraveled. But even though the summary was vague and confusing it was the reason why I picked this book up in the first place. I was drawn to the vagueness of the plot and it made me want to uncover the truth.

I loved the characters in the book. Embry was loyal and interesting and I found myself really liking her character as a whole. I also found it very interesting that the more the story progressed the worse and worse Embry’s situation got. I thought that was a very interesting factor in the plot.

This book is unlike anything I have ever read. I did get a Pretty Little Liars vibe when reading the book but it was because it is a vague mystery with an anonymous person threatening the protagonist. I felt the nostalgia when I first started watching “Pretty Little Liars” and how invested I was in the plot and the characters and I felt the same way about this book in particular. At some points I did feel that the plot was drawn out but that was really my only complaint about the book as a whole.

Personally I think that anyone would enjoy this book. It was such an interesting concept that would have any person drawn into the story. This is a young adult book and there are some dark concepts because it is about blackmail but if the plot of this book seems interesting to you than it is definitely one worth the read. The author, Paula Stokes, also wrote LIARS, INC, THE ART OF LAINEY and a couple of more books. I have not read anything by her besides HIDDEN PIECES but now I definitely will. I am really looking forward to what Paula decides to write next and this book has definitely persuaded me to pick up some of her other books!!

Reviewed by Abigail D., Teen Board Member on September 12, 2018

Hidden Pieces: A Novel
by Paula Stokes