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Michelle Krys is a new YA author and HEXED is her debut novel.  She lives in Ontario, Canada and currently works as a nurse and writes part time.  Krys is already writing the sequel to HEXED, which is to be released in 2015.  She is also writing a new YA novel called DEAD GIRLS SOCIETY, which is to be released in 2016.  Krys’s mystery/thriller HEXED is a wonderful read for ages 13 and up.

Indigo Blackwood is a cheerleader who’s dating a handsome football player named Devon and is in the popular clique in her high school.  Paige follows Indigo everywhere and has yearned to be her friend ever since they were little. She is unpopular, has mousy brown hair, wears thick plastic-framed glasses and is always obsessing about what Indigo is doing. Indigo’s mom thinks it’s cute, but Indigo absolutely hates the attention from Paige.  Indigo’s mom is eccentric and quirky; she owns an occult shop called The Black Cat that sells anything and everything you need to know to practice witchcraft and sorcery.  A precious, leather bound, dusty old book called THE WITCH HUNTER’S BIBLE also resides in The Black Cat and it has been in the family for generations; she guards it with her life and makes sure no one touches it.   

Perfect for any teen who is interested in a great high school drama sprinkled with the occult and paranormal.

One day after school, Indigo is driving Paige home and they witness a man plummet to his death outside of a tall building.  They both get out of the car to see what had happened but the police are blocking their path.  Then, Indigo finds a small, blood-stained piece of paper that had fallen out of the man’s hand.  She opens it and sees The Black Cat’s address written in big black letters. Suddenly, the family bible is stolen and a man named Bishop comes into Indigo’s life and changes everything --- he reveals that her ancestors were witches, and that she is one, too.  It’s up to Indigo to get the sacred bible back and to save the Blackwell family along with the other witches in the world; she is on a mission and she must not fail.

HEXED is funny, mysterious, scandalous and thrilling.  This YA novel is perfect for any teen who is interested in a great high school drama sprinkled with the occult and paranormal. The sequel to HEXED is coming soon and is sure to bring back the eerie tales of Indigo and the Blackwood family’s secrets.   

Reviewed by Sheena Kowalski on June 11, 2014

by Michelle Krys

  • Publication Date: June 10, 2014
  • Genres: Fantasy, Supernatural, Youth Fiction
  • Hardcover: 384 pages
  • Publisher: Doubleday Canada
  • ISBN-10: 0385680503
  • ISBN-13: 9780385680509